Free WordPress theme for the traditional publisher and classic blogger: Resolution

Published: Feb 08, 2012

Many blogs designs have sprung out during the Web 2.0 revolution. Magazine style, Photo blogs, Video blogs, radical layouts – you name it. How about a traditional WordPress Theme that revolves around your material? One that has extra large post thumbnails, a nice header background, beautiful font treatment, subtle textures and a tall footer for widgets. How about custom menus, threaded comments plus theme options for further personalization. How about Resolution – a classic WordPress theme for your awesome content.

Simple and Effective

Resolution has the old fashioned latest content in the main left column – with a skinny sidebar in the right. You won’t fail to notice the extended header – with a background of your choice right behind the beautiful logo and site slogan.

Resolution's Classic Home Page

The post thumbnails have a static width – but can span as long as you want. This will play nicely with your portrait or landscape images.

Single Column Post Pages:

This theme will focus around your content. This is why I decided to make the single post pages a single column, with decreased header height. No sidebars to distract your readers – just your content with plenty of spacing all around; subtle CSS3 effects and just the right amount of styling to attract viewers.

No sidebars to distract your readers

Of course, threaded comments and gravatars are supported. Monochromatic icons expertly crafted by Iconshock and typography using @font-face technology courtesy of fontsquirrel

You gotta love that comment form

How to Use:

Installing Resolution is just like any other WordPress theme. Simply go to the “Appearance” > “Install Themes” section in your admin panel. Click the “Upload” link – browse to the theme .zip file and “Install Now“.

I’ve also added a couple of theme options that will get your website up and customized – without touching code. Simply follow the directions below:

Change the Header Background:

You can change the default praying mantis background that comes with the theme. What you need is a nice 980 x 314 image. You can either use a remote image, or upload one into your server. You need the url for your image, so if you’re uploading – go to Media > Add New, Select Files and navigate to your image. In my case, I’m using my nice hippo.jpg:


Once uploaded, copy the value in the field “File URL” (shown above). Then go to Appearance > Resolution Options and paste the url in the Image Url field:


Click “Save Changes” and you’re good.

Customize the Header Slogan:

The slogan right below the logo can be customized through the options panel. Simply go to the Appearance > Resolution Options and enter your desired text in the field that says “Slogan“.


Note that the slogan is only shown in the homepage – where the header is extended. Also, there’s a 24 character limit so make it short and snappy!

How to Customize the Navigation Menu:

Go to “Appearance” > “Menus” and start by creating a new menu. Enter a menu name and click “Create“.


This will create a blank menu panel in the right side of the page. The idea is to select categories, pages or custom links from the left side, click the “Add to Menu” button – and it will appear on the menu panel in the right. In this panel, you can drag and drop the links so you can design the menu hierarchy. Links that are staggered underneath become the drop down links from the respective parent – you get the drift.


Once the menu is done – hit “Save Menu” and in the top most left column box called “Theme Locations“, select the menu you just created from the drop down called “Primary Menu”. Click “Save” and view your website. You menu should now be in place.


Header background, slogan and custom menu are in place


You will also notice that this theme has an extra thick footer. I’ve made sure you can stuff as many widgets down here as you want. Go to Appearance > Widgets and you will see plenty of widget columns namely footer column 1, footer column 2, footer column 3 and sidebar.


Adding widgets to these areas equates to the four narrow columns you see in the footer area. Well except for “Sidebar” – which means … sidebar. You can stack as many widgets in the footer columns as you wish. Stacking them higher means a thicker footer. But don’t get carried away: Thicker doesn’t always mean better.


You can download the theme from this link. Additional documentation can be found from these series of posts. Please make sure you leave comments below.

This article is written by Michael Soriano. Michael is a Front End Developer based in La Crescenta California. He specializes in CSS, JavaScript and UI. When not developing sites, Michael likes to play handyman and wrestles his kids.

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42 thoughts on “Free WordPress theme for the traditional publisher and classic blogger: Resolution

    Max says:

    hey there, its me again.
    how can i edit the search page if no results matching?
    if theres no match the page still blank without a text.
    what to do?
    thx a lot.

    Max says:

    oh sorry, found the help needed in front of my post.

    Max says:

    How can i get the slogan on every page and not only shown at the homescreen???

    Thx a lot for help

    Sarita says:

    Hi There,

    Thank you very much for your beautiful theme. I would like to keep the “slogan” current on every header of the pages I am building in wordpress. But have no text. Pretty much what I want is just to show more of the background image like on the page “Butt Soup”. Is there a way I can fiddle with the code to have the slogan preform on every page and not just the blog? Thank you for any assistance you can give!

    Here is a link to the site I’m working on:

    open header.php

    for the slogan to appear in all pages, look for this code:

    <?php echo (!is_home()) ? 'style="display:none;"' : '' ;?>

    and delete it.

    for the header height to stay the same in all pages, look for this code (also in header.php)

    <?php echo (!is_home()) ? 'height:220px;' : '' ;?>

    and delete it

    Sarita says:

    Legend! That solved it alright! Thanks.

    roberto avellanet says:

    thank you very much

    liz says:

    I’m getting acquainted with this great theme, and I’ve been searching on-line for a couple hours for info about creating a custom post template, but I haven’t found anything that answers my question (the info I did find is dated (two years old or older), along with info about plug-ins (that haven’t been updated).

    I would like for some of my posts to have a sidebar, and the single.php is basically full-width. Is it possible to create a custom post template so I can select it from a drop-down menu after I write a post ? (I only see a drop-down menu for page templates when I create new pages, but not for posts.) Thanks..

    yes you can, but you have to create your own post template. once you have your template – you can create posts and apply that page template for it.

    Sami says:

    Love this them! Uploaded it and everything is looking great, however, whenever I embed a youtube or vimeo video in a post it causes the entire theme to crash and makes the background disappear (the white portion not the textured portions) and moves the sidebar, etc. I’ve tried everything I can think of to fix this. Any idea why this is happening? Never had a problem with embedded video codes on WP before.

    there shouldn’t be a problem with this theme and embedded videos.

    Hasse says:

    Is it possible to display a Twitter feed in this theme?

    yes you can add it as a widget.

    Liz says:

    I figured out how to create the full-width page template (I can’t believe I got it to work), and my forum is no-longer compressed on the page.

    Liz says:

    Hi Michael. I repositioned the logo myself and got rid of the repeating logo images, and I added a bit of margin allowance for the top, which dropped the logo down to center. My other question is: How do I remove the sidebar from my forum page? Only the Posts layout for this theme removes the sidebar, but I would like to remove the sidebar from my forum Page because my forum is compressed (“squished”) by the sidebar. I know I could build a page template with no sidebar (I just don’t know how to do that as I’m not a theme developer). Is there a work-around to remove the sidebar from my forum page but still have it display on the other pages, without my having to figure out how to add a no sidebar page template? Thanks.

    by forum page – you mean the archive pages? try opening up index.php – look for get_sidebar() and remove it.

    Liz says:

    I’m trying out the Resolution theme, and the logo is repeating. I replaced the default logo.png with my own logo.png file, and now there are three logos showing up vertically, one atop the other. How do I fix it?

    Mike says:


    I just installed the template and the nav menu is not transparent like it is on the live demo. Any suggestions? Thanks!

    Jonathan says:

    Sorry me again, it’s very late and I’m a little lost!

    What I actually want is for the slogan function to work on all pages. How do I do this?


    Jonathan says:

    Sorry, just to explain what I’m talking about… I want the header image to retain the same height as it does with the slogan on the front page in all other pages/posts.

    i believe its in header.php (if you know a little PHP?) – there should be a conditional loop that checks if its not homepage – apply a class. this shortens the header – its something like:

    <?php if(!is_home()){
    echo 'class';

    Jonathan says:

    Awesome theme. How do you remove the slogan function from all the homepage?

    Hasani says:

    I’m loving this theme. One more thing I noticed. The menu and title text in Chrome renders correctly. But in Firefox I’m not getting the same text. Weird not really sure what it is.

    Hasani says:

    Love the theme using it for a new project. I have one small issue. For some reason I have a horizontal scroll on all pages. Ive turned off all plugins and still the page scrolls horizontally.

    Any ideas?

    open style.css – go to line 66 – #topLinks


    overflow: hidden;

    will update theme – thanks for catching.

    Hasani says:

    ThX that did it.

    Tim Owers says:

    Resolution is a really nice template and I am almost done with setting it up for a new blog. However, for the life of me I cannot see how to get images shown within the first page ‘summary’ entries. The full post does show image(s) correctly, just never on the first page.
    Could you enlighten me/us on how this can achieved?
    Many regards,

    use featured image in each post.

    Tim Owers says:

    Thanks for the reply Michael, but unfortunately WP 3.2.1 does not seem to have the thumbnail option (featured image is there, just no thumbnail options), hence ‘if ( function_exists( ‘add_theme_support’ ) ) … in functions.php has nothing to load. I’ve added the Hungred plugin which does a similar job but is limited on image positioning, so will keep looking.
    Thanks again.

    Nice single column post page layout. Most themes and bloggers load up each page with lots of stuff.

    hi, its nice theme, i will grab it, thanks for sharing..

    Great themes…
    i will put in my website review

    AzzePis says:

    Greatlook theme! thanks for sharing for free!

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