Role of Artificial Intelligence in Running Businesses During the Pandemic

Published: Sep 11, 2020

Businesses have seen horrible implications of the COVID-19 outbreak. With most small scale businesses being forced to shut down, the survivors have some brave tales to share. Amidst the crisis, enterprise mobility solutions have helped employees work remotely without compromising with their productivity. Technology played an important role in ensuring that employees do not have to struggle with their work. No matter what the survival stories were there were some areas of the businesses that had functioning at risk. To keep these risks at bay Artificial Intelligence entered the market.

The Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning solution experts share here some business functionalities that have survived the hit of the pandemic because of the technology. 

AI Based Business Functioning Areas for Your Business

These are just a few areas that can come up with AI based solutions and support your business to survive this hard time. 

  1. Prioritizing Sales and Business Development 

As the world has come to a sudden halt and everyone is forced to stay indoors expanding the businesses has become quite difficult for various brands. The easier way to win customers and share your business products and services is via online shopping. 

Gone are the days when in brick and mortar stores one used to spend time and compare a few brands. All these things are available to be done easily with their technical replacement. You don’t need a salesman to elaborate on the specifications and details of the products, AI-based chatbots can do it quite easily. A lot of product engineering services providing firms look at Artificial intelligence-based chatbots to make use of predictive analytics to engage customers and respond to customers regarding their queries. 

  1. Handling Supply Chain for the Business

Supply chain management is an integral part of any business. With travel restrictions and the least human intervention in any field, this business function has struggled to survive the market in this down phase. Even in this crisis, Artificial Intelligence has helped these operations run without being affected a lot. With Computer Vision systems and GPS services, it has become quite easier for the officials to keep track of the moving goods. Automated vehicles have made driving easier and delivering consignments quicker. 

CSV helps keep a check on who visits the logistic area and barcodes that leave the area. If it weren’t for technology, the businesses would have fallen squarely on the face. 

  1. Simplifying Documentation and Data Versification 

Sometimes it becomes quite important to share some details from one person to another. In case, there is something urgent and confidential that is to be shared, stored, or verified then technology could do it quite easy for you. With Artificial Intelligence solutions round the corner, this becomes quite easy. 

This also makes it easier to track employee productivity and verify the bar codes that are received. With full verification, it becomes easier for the employees to keep track of the work and maintain records. 

  1. Maintaining Back Office Tasks 

When talking about back-office tasks it becomes quite difficult to give it a check when working remotely. AI-based cognitive assistants can help here. They can accomplish the back office task for your organization without you being there physically. This is also known as RPA or Robotic Process Automation and is used along with Machine Learning to a great extent. This not just frees employees from stressing around but also lets them be more creative and focus on other more important tasks. Being able to replace actual employees with automated systems has become a reliable solution to stem the investments for businesses. 

It’s the time of the “Man-Machine Partnership.” 

  1.  Forecasting Cash Flow 

Cashflow is a serious concern these days as revenue streams are drying. Well, no worries for those who trust technology. But with various forecasting AI solutions one can take a sigh of relief. AI-based solutions have already walked a journey where they can now analyze data and use the results to the best of your favor.

AI cannot help you analyze the existing situation, but with the help of past references come up with a better future suggestion too. 

  1. Providing Medical Support

AI has not only taken care of the businesses around the world, but also the medical conditions. Technology has made some remarkable contributions in the health sector in the past and even now, it is being a great reliable tool. With the outbreak of the pandemic public health has taken center stage and everyone needs to work in the same direction. 

Artificial intelligence has made it easier for health professionals to record a patient’s history and take care of them to a great extend. 

  1. Fulfilling Staff Demands

It’s high time that employees have been forced to stay indoors and come up with solutions that would help them work better. There are a lot of people being involved with the decision making and now most firms look for staffing. With AI solutions for assistance, businesses can figure out how to manage it all with the least investment abiding by the social norms.  

Wrapping It Up!

In this unprecedented time, things have become quite difficult and messed. Businesses are struggling to bring to the table everything like nothing ever happened but we all understand in no way it is possible. With businesses looking for solutions to stem their economy and grow stronger, it is the technology that has helped them stay strong. 

There are chances that you may be looking for some AI-based solutions to fill in the gaps that the pandemic has created in your business. Just hire an AI solution provider who can make things easier for you. 

Author’s Bio: Scarlett is a technical content writer and is associated with A3logics for over a couple of years. The organization is one of the top-ranked IT consulting firms around the world. She is often found discussing the latest developments with the technical team. When not working on any of her writing projects, she is either reading any of the Agatha Christie mysteries or busy gardening. 

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