Rise of Business Travel in Chiang Mai

Published: Mar 15, 2019

Each business traveler is different from the other and has a particular personality type. No matter where he is traveling or for what purpose, every business traveler is looking for a comfortable journey and value for money services. They are looking for the best hotels, excellent services and a well-designed itinerary that allows them to enjoy local attractions within the limited time.

Chiang Mai is one city where one finds a steady rise in the number of business travelers. Also, there are many good reasons behind. After all, the city boasts of the best hotels that provide affordable luxury and the latest facilities and amenities. The city is loaded with touristic attractions, and most business travelers prefer to go for a private tour Chiang Mai so as to enjoy the major attractions of the city under a local expert guide.

Best itinerary and price options

Many flight carriers offer discounted business or first-class airfare to Chiang Mai. All that one has to do is fill in their details and preferences, and these experts take care of the rest. You can look forward to the lowest possible fare for your flight to your destination. You can look forward to exceptional customer care as a business traveler.

A large number of Business Hotels

Chiang Mai boasts of some great hotels that are just perfect for business travelers. Some popular options include Holiday Inn Chiang Mai, De Naga Hotel, Rimping Village, Dusit D2 Chiang Mai, Thai Akara – Lanna Boutique Hotel and more. These hotels are preferred because of their prime location and fantastic services at the most affordable costs. One can expect free wifi, free parking and other special offers.

Best things to do in Chiang Mai

Business travelers love being in Chiang Mai because of its unique sites and beautiful attractions. The historical capital is rich in culture and is home to many temples and museums. There are many unique places to see and exciting things to do here. Business travelers can explore the different tribal villages and visit the various national parks in their free time. Business travelers come here to look for an authentic travel experience along with doing their business. Since they are short on time, it is a relief to know theres a lot to do even if you just have 24 hours in Chiang Mai.

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Great weather and opportunities

What makes Chiang Mai popular among tourists and business travelers is the perfect weather and great nature. The domestic and foreign tourists explore the region for the waterfalls, seas and the sound of rain. Business travelers come from Europe, Australia, and India and are able to reach Chiang Mai and connect to it because of the new flights being added. There is no denying that Chiang Mai has become a significant tourist destination and specially designed package tours for business travelers make it even more popular.

Better services and facilities

Now you can fully relax and enjoy your stay in Chiang Mai and explore the area. The city offers the best hotel services in aspects of environment and recreation facilities. You can book in advance and check with the hotel staff about the hotel’s interior environment and whether their services meet your needs and taste. There are plenty of leading and reputed travel agencies that cater specially to business travelers to Chiang Mai. They provide the most relevant travel options as well as increase savings and compliance.

Chiang Mai, with its slower pace of life and a relaxed atmosphere, is just perfect for any business meeting among travelers. Tourists love the traditional Thai dishes made from local foods, ingredients, and spices. Cultural attractions and lush nature plus a carefree lifestyle are some of the many reasons why business travel is one rise in Chiang Mai.