Reviewing the role of domestic violence defense attorneys in NJ

Published: Aug 22, 2022

Facing domestic violence charges can affect your well-being and mental state. It only makes sense to seek legal help from an expert rather than acting on impulse. Conviction on the count of domestic violence in New Jersey can have severe consequences on your life. In addition, if the accuser has managed to get a temporary restraining order, you must act immediately to ensure that it doesn’t become a final restraining order. A final restraining order in New Jersey remains in place forever. An experienced domestic violence defense attorney can ensure that you get a fair chance to express your side. Here’s what an attorney can do for you.

When to call an attorney?

You need to get an attorney on your side at the earliest. Once you are taken to the police station and are allowed to make a call, contact an attorney before anyone else. Unless the police allow you to speak with a lawyer, do not answer questions. The investigating officers will not take adverse steps when they know that you have an attorney.

The role of an attorney

A skilled and reliable domestic violence defense attorney can ensure that you get a fair representation. While there is no guarantee that you will get a favorable outcome, lawyers can do their best to get an acquittal or reduce the sentence. A lot depends on the facts of the case, but you can expect your lawyer to –

1. Negotiate the terms to secure your release before the trial.

2. Investigate and gather evidence about the alleged incident.

3. Look for witnesses and take statements as necessary.

4. Advise you on what you should do next and things you don’t need to admit.

5. Work on the defense strategy based on facts and evidence.

6. Collect details that may benefit your case.

7. Work with the prosecution team to get the charges reduced or dismissed.

8. Defend you at the hearing concerning the TRO.

9. Appeal a Final Restraining Order if issued.

10. Protect your visitation and custody rights as needed.

11. File an appeal if viable after you are proven guilty.

Matters concerning domestic violence need specific expertise, and you need a lawyer who has a good profile to rely on. Don’t shy away from asking the attorney about their work and regular cases. Also, you can compare your options based on an online search. Websites like Google, Nolo, and Justia can also help you sort attorneys for domestic violence defense, especially when you don’t have references.

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