Recharge Your Retail Success and Profits With Proxima 360

Published: Sep 15, 2020

So you created a successful retail business from scratch. You did your homework, everything is up and running, but where is all of the money going? New sales are coming in, but somehow your bank account is still dry, and you cannot determine the cause. You were successful at building a business, but maybe technical knowledge of a business’s inner workings isn’t quite your strong suit.

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For a retail business to run at an optimum level, everything needs to have a system of checks and balances. Sometimes you need a little extra help, and that’s where a consulting company comes in hand. Proxima 360 is a “high impact solutions management consulting company.”

The ultimate goal when working with Proxima 360 is to “close the gap of communication between your business and IT.” Proxima 360 will implement several different solutions to optimize business practices and revenue.


If your operating systems are unstable, that could mean your company is not as reliable as possible; This could ultimately result in a loss of business. By taking a look at the complete operating systems’ inner workings and operations, the Proxima 360 team can pinpoint the issues and upgrade your system back to full functioning order.


For your company to function at its highest potential, it is crucial to ensure that all aspects of your business’ performance are covered. Having all organizational components in one place and keeping track of inventory, employees, and all operations allow a business to run smoother and more efficiently. Proxima 360 will work with your company to reduce internal expenses to increase revenue.


Proper business analytics and data is what helps companies prepare for the future. Detailed data will be able to more accurately help a business predict revenue and sales down the road.

Suppose you can calculate and manage risks for your business in the future. In that case, decisions in the present can prevent future losses.

End to end solutions

To solve a problem quickly, you need an efficient solution. Proxima 360 makes sure the answer is simple and straightforward to get right to the heart of the problem and avoid wasting time and resources.

Curbside solutions

Trying to maintain social distancing while still getting on with life can be difficult. Customers may no longer feel comfortable spending hours shopping in favorite retail stores. You can always get things delivered to your door, but sometimes it just feels good to get out and about, or maybe a customer needs something right away. Integrating curbside solutions into an E-commerce platform expands the reach of getting your products into the customer’s hands. Proxima 360 will work with your company to implement these easy solutions into your business platform to increase sales.

Growing your business

Integrating all aspects of your business model into one solution can be simple. Not only will you find glitches in your system, but also ways to optimize your business and ensure growth for the future. For more information on Proxima 360 and how they can help you with a business consultation visit