Questions to ask an Amazon freight forwarder before partnering with them

Published: Jan 28, 2019

An excellent Amazon FBA freight forwarder can make a huge difference for your eCommerce store on the site. As an Amazon reseller, your reputation is always at stake if you are not careful about your shipping policies.

The number one complaint on Amazon from purchasers is about products not reaching them on time, or reaching with some sort of damage. These complaints often turn bad and people demand refunds. When this happens, your business can easily drown. So don’t let that happen and choose a good Amazon freight forwarder. 

If you’re not sure who to pick, we’ve got a set of questions that you should ask a freight forwarder before using their services. If their answers are positive and satisfy you, only then make them a part of your business.

Q1 – Does the freight forwarder deliver to all the destinations you want your product to reach?

A lot of freight forwarders falsely advertise themselves as international. This isn’t always true and some companies may not be able to ship to certain locations. Before hiring an Amazon freight forwarder, make sure they deliver to all the locations you need your products to be.

Q2 – Do the company offer any insurance options?

Most good freight forwarder companies offer insurance for basic damage and loss. But this isn’t true for some. Ask your freight forwarder openly if they offer any insurance options, especially if your product is valuable. Make sure the freight forwarder knows that your produce needs to be properly packaged before sending.

Q3 – Do the company has any trade associations or connected to a network?

 It is very important for any freight forwarding company to have a network around the world or at least at locations the products will be shipped to. A trade association is particularly important because it is kind of a seal of approval that allows many freight forwarders to work. The seal of approval also means that the company has undergone a number of checks with the association that deems it trustworthy.

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Q4 – Check with their communication skills

You cannot forge a good partnership with a company that lacks communication. Before you work with any company, make sure that it has someone who can talk to you in your native language and that both of you can understand each other clearly. 

Some companies also offer automated customer support. Automated customer support should be avoided at all costs. Only choose a company that can talk to your directly through phone, personalized emails, or instant messaging. This way you can get your queries answered quickly.

Q5 – Do they offer tracking?

A good freight forwarder will always provide live tracking of your package so you can easily track the package yourself. See if the company you have chosen has this facility available on their website. 

Q6 – How will the company transport products once they have reached the destination country?

A lot of freight forwarders leave your products at the port for third-party companies to pick up and take it to Amazon fulfillment centers. An ideal freight forwarder should have their fleet of vehicles. They must ensure that your product must reach Amazon centers without changing hands. 

With these questions, you should easily be able to determine the quality and trustworthiness of an Amazon freight forwarder.