Large background, single column WordPress theme – Kubrick on Crack Free Download!

Published: Sep 03, 2011

Back then, Kubrick was the default theme that came with each WordPress install. I decided to create my own version, call it – Kubrick on Crack. This theme has the same layout, plus some improvements. Ideal for traditional blogs, Kubrick on Crack is a good starter theme.

Below is a screenshot of the contact page for Kubrick on Crack. Notice the large background and the widget footer. You can customize many aspects of this theme. Continue reading below to find out how.

How to Use:

Installing the theme is just like any other WordPress theme. Simply go to the “Appearance” > “Install Themes” section in your admin panel. Click the “Upload” link – browse to the theme .zip file and “Install Now”.

Adding Post Thumbnails to your Posts:

To add images to your posts you can use the Post Thumbnail feature of WordPress. Simply go to the post in “Edit” mode. On the right side of the page – click on “Set Featured Image“:

This will trigger the image uploader. Upload your image and as soon as that’s done, click the “Use as Featured Image” link:

How to change the background Images:

Even though the theme has nice imagery for it’s rotating background – I’m sure you’d want to use your own images. The easiest way to do this is by going into the theme > images folder, and replace the images named b1.jpg, b2.jpg (up to b7.jpg). Note that you have to go through an FTP software, to get access to the theme folder.

Changing the Logo

You can add your own logo by uploading the image through the WordPress uploader (see above) and grabbing the absolute path to the image file. You do this by clicking the button “File URL” as soon as the image uploads, and copying the value in the input field:


Now you can use this value to paste into the “Header Logo” section of the themes options page. This is found in under “Appearance” > “Kubrick-on-Crack Options“. Note that you can also update your Twitter and RSS button, Google Ad Sense and Analytics code from this page.

Thickbox and Widgets

This theme has default thickbox for all images. This means you can view the large version of the image without leaving the current page. The footer area is also widgetized. Meaning you can add as many widgets in the footer from the admin section.


You can download this theme free of charge from this link. Please leave your comments below.

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24 thoughts on “Large background, single column WordPress theme – Kubrick on Crack Free Download!

    Michal says:

    hi, where is link to dwnld pls?

    it’s in the conclusion paragraph. I will make that a button soon.

    Charbel says:

    any other payment method?

    Andres says:

    Congrats on the new theme Michael. I really like the rotating background image: I don’t think I have ever seen that before.

    Darnell says:

    Anyone know how to turn off the rotating background?

    michael says:

    Yes, in header.php – you can delete the code below:

    fx: 'fade', // choose your transition type, ex: fade, scrollUp, shuffle, etc...
    pager: '#smallnav',
    pause: 1,
    speed: 1800,
    timeout: 3500

    mike says:

    I just downloaded your ‘kubrick on crack’ theme and I love it except i need help getting started with images etc. I followed the tutorial on the theme on your webpage but the images are not loading still. I also tried to add a custom field for the main image with the file location for the image and that did not work. I have used the feature image and they are not loading in the page either.

    Please advise.

    Sebastian says:

    how can i delete the empty space above #wrap

    carlos says:

    I don´t see the images in the posts, and they´re in the gallery
    I have bought kubrick on crack 2.
    What is the problem?

    you have to use them as “featured image” – go to each post and select a photo to be the “featured image”

    me gusta tus tutoriales Michael . Te felicito y gracias por tu ayuda. Soy un pobre fontanero que intenta hacer cosas en ordenador y sin vuestra ayuda no podria hacer nada.

    Saludos Dani

    Gracias por la informacion. Con la ayuda de google traductor puedo leer tus articulos.

    Saludos Juan

    revive says:

    On Mac OSX using FF, there is no background image (the black gradient bar) behind the text ‘Sample Faux Page’, just a gap, and it looks odd. Thought you would want to know!
    Here’s a link to what it looks like:

    thank you @Revive. I fixed this issue.

    ox says:

    How do you change the background pictures?

    the best way is to go into the theme’s images folder and replace the images. You should see 6 files named b1.jpg, b2.jpg, b3.jpg

    Andy says:

    Too bad you didn’t enable localization. It’s just expected nowadays, especially in premium themes.

    Yeahh good themes so thanks..

    Quite possibly the best looking theme I’ve seen for a neat, simple yet graphically pleasing WordPress theme! $10…pffff, it’s worth 10x that!!

    Janine says:

    Ich denke ich werde hier jetzt öfter vorbei schauen, gut gemacht!!

    Fred says:

    Congrats on the new theme Michael. I really like the rotating background image: I don’t think I have ever seen that before.

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