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Published: Aug 18, 2012

It’s been a while since we’ve released a free theme. This time around, we’ve built one that is focused on the housing market. Realty is a powerful WordPress Theme that is packed with all the trimmings of a Real Estate Website. The theme is fully responsive from desktop to mobile phones. It comes complete with property management, slideshow, custom taxonomies, advanced filters, contact form and Google maps integration.

We foresee that a good portion of your viewers will be in a mobile device. People will browse your listings from their cell phones, iPads – so it’s important that your pages scale responsively. We kept this in mind when developing Realty. Note that many of today’s Real Estate solutions do not even scale responsively.

Property Management

Your properties are easily maintained in the admin panel – just like managing your posts. Easily group them with custom taxonomies like Area, Rooms, Type, and Price. Add, Edit and Delete properties using the content editor you’ve grown to love in WordPress.

Custom Search

Allow your viewers to go through your listings with ease. The same taxonomies that you’ve set up for your properties – is what your visitors will select from. This gives you 100 percent control of your inventory.

Google Map, Slideshow, Contact Form – plenty of Bells and Whistles

You can add location information to your properties by a custom meta box for Google or Bing Maps. A special “About the Author” is displayed in the sidebar and the homepage. Your gallery is displayed as a slideshow by default. A lightbox effect is triggered once you click each image and even scroll through them using your mouse wheel. A custom contact form is added so you can grab leads easily.


The theme uses custom post type – “Listings” for your properties. Continue reading below to find out how to manage your listings.

How to add a Listing

Adding a new listing has the same exact process as add a new post. The only difference is you have to create a new “Listing” as supposed to a “Post”. Click on the “Listings” link and you should see an “Add New” link right underneath it.


add a new listing

Enter a title for your listing. This usually is the address of your property – but it is entirely up to you. The content area of the listing is what appears in the body of your listing. You also need to add a thumbnail to your listing. A tutorial for that can be found here. Also note that editing existing Listings is in the same area. Simply click on “Listings” and “Edit”.

Flush permalink structure

Once you have a listing – you may experience “404 not found” errors when viewing it. This can easily be fixed by going to the admin panel > Settings > Permalinks and click on “Save Changes”. Note that you don’t have to change anything – simply press Save Changes.

How to add Taxonomies (Type, Rooms, Area and Price)

A Listing Taxonomy works the same way as Categories to Posts. Matter of fact – a Category IS a taxonomy – but that gets a bit too technical. To add or edit one, simply click on them under “Listings”.


Taxonomy management

You can nest taxonomies and nest them however many deep, although I don’t recommend. Keep your taxonomy structure simple. Also, assigning taxonomies to Listings has to be done when adding a new listing – and checking the taxonomy box in the right hand side.


assign taxonomies to listings

Lastly, the taxonomies you assign to each property is what will be used in the search form. It will also appear in the “Overview” box in the content area of your Listing.

Using the Automatic Slideshow

Automatic slideshow is simply that – automatic. All you need to do is upload your photos for each listing and boom – its done. You don’t even have to click “Save Changes” or “Insert Gallery” – the code will detect the images and create a slideshow.


automatic slideshow

Note that the photos will be ordered according to the order you assign in the media uploader.

Insert a Google Map

Inserting the map is simply pasting the Google map code into the allotted area for the listing. Simply go to the bottom of the content area in the “Edit Listing” page and you should see “Listing Options”. In the field “Google Map” – paste the code in there.


insert google map

Note that you would want to remove the part of the code where it defines the width as static pixels i.e. width=”350″. Instead you want to put 100% as the value. This is so it will automatically adjust according to the viewport, keeping the dynamic nature of the theme.


view the map

The map you inserted will appear in the content area – in the tab “Maps/Street View”. You can insert more than one map (satellite view and street view).

Choose a Page Layout

By default, the single Listing page appears with a sidebar on the right. You can change this to full width – which removes the sidebar, making the slideshow and content span the entire 1024 pixels of the page.


change page layout

Simply go to the “Edit Listing” page and go to the “Listing Options” box and select the layout from the “Please select a style” drop down list.

How Does the Contact Form Work?

Each listing will have a contact form at the bottom of the content area – the same way a post will have a comment form. As a matter of fact, the contact form is a modified version of the default comment form – and works exactly the same way.


contact form

Every time someone enters a comment, it will appear in the “Edit Listing” page, in the “Comments” box.


manage inquiries

To disallow people to inquire about a property, simply uncheck the box “Allow comments”, and the comment form will disappear from the live view.

Activate Email Notification

If you want to be notified by email every time a user leaves a comment, simply go to “Settings” > “Discussion” > “Email me whenever” – and check the box “Anyone posts a comment”.


email when post comment

Make sure you’re administrator, as well as the email address in your profile is correct in order to receive the notifications.

Set up the Listing Search Results Page

This step is a very important one. It is required for users to be able to search through your listings by filtering through the taxonomies you’ve entered. You need to complete this step in order for your search form in the home page, and sidebar to work.


find your next home search

Add a new page – and name it “Listing Search Results”. Leave the default permalink structure as “listing-search-results”. In the Page Attributes section, under “Template” – choose “Listing Search Results”.


listing search results

Publish your page and view it. By default, it will lists all of your listings without any filter. Try filtering by choosing a taxonomy – and see the results change.


live view of the results page

The page size is limited to 9 listings, and will paginate if there’s more. The order is reverse chronological, and the filter is “AND” as supposed to “OR”. Meaning, if you select an area + AND + price – it requires both to be true.


In conclusion, Realty is definitely a good start for your real estate website. Try it out and leave your comments below. The best part of it is – it’s totally free. You can download the theme from this link. View this series of posts for even more documentation.

This article is written by Michael Soriano. Michael is a Front End Developer based in La Crescenta California. He specializes in CSS, JavaScript and UI. When not developing sites, Michael likes to play handyman and wrestles his kids.

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183 thoughts on “Free Real Estate WordPress Theme with property management, slideshow, contact form – Realty

    Helena says:

    Hello! I’m using this theme lots of years and it’s so great but now I need to update it because my hosting change the php version to a new one and the theme starts to fail with the new php version. Please, can you let me know if there’s a new, modern version of this theme? The one I have is 1.2. Even if I need to pay for it, it’s not a problem. Thanks.

    davix says:

    Hello , thansk for theme
    Plz how i can change TYPE, PRICE ,AREA to other languages ??

    davix says:

    Hello , thansk for theme
    Plz how i can change TYPE, PRICE ,AREA to other languages ??

    irfan says:

    hi, i am using your template it’s excellent. i have a problem when i enter the logo url its appear only index page. how can i show it to all pages.

    cac8972 says:

    First off, great theme. Lots of great work here. However I’ve hit a couple of problems. The listing results page works, but only shows 3 returns with no taxenomies selected when there are 12 or so in the database. I thought the default was 9 with pagination for more. Thoughts? Also, can I use the list return page as a page in the menu navigation, and change its title name to show all available properties or does it need to remain hidden to work properly? If so, is there a way to create a clone or something of that page to use as an available property page from the nav menu? And finally, is there a way to “turn on/off” property listings to show or not in returns since I am using this mainly for a database or rental properties?

    Thanks in advance for any help.

    Mvaerick says:

    How can I add a new category such as “Bathrooms” – with it’s own set of options, just like there is Bedrooms. Are we stuck with these 4 categories?

    Maverick says:

    OK, I think these are called taxonomies – but I see no way to add another “ROOT” one such as type,bedrooms,etc… Only sub categories under those.

    she says:

    how can i download this theme?

    the download link is in the article.

    Lisa Saliture says:

    the images for the Feature Listings are not showing up. Either is the realtor’s image in the About Realtor section. What could be causing this? I really need some advice. Thanks. Lisa

    if it happens again – echo right before the line number and see the output.

    Katalin Hegyesi-Kovács says:

    Hello again!
    I’ve made a few posts, and I would like to make a menu for them as a Category. All looks OK, but when I click on on the Menu, I get the answer: “Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in
    on line 9”
    I have checked this line, but I see no problem. Yes, I have done a translation, but it works well on other pages. (E.g. in single article)
    The line 9 looks like this:
    Feltöltve ,
    What is the problem?
    I would like to make it like in your demo page:
    Please, please, please help me!
    Thanks a lot!

    …… Update – I have reloaded the original index.php, and translated again. Looks the same, but now it works…..
    Thanks for your attention.

    Katalin Hegyesi-Kovács says:

    Thank you so much for this template! It looks great, and knows everything as a start. Simple, clever, yet looking good.
    I had to translate it, and change some things here and there, but it wasn’t too difficult at all. I simply deleted the Blog Roll, as there’s nothing like that anymore in WP.
    I only have got one question left: I understood that the pictures in the slideshow would apears in the order I have uploaded them in the Media Manager. But what if I want to change the order later? How can I reorganize them?
    Thanks for any help!
    And here’s my site:

    matt howell says:

    Slideshow is not showing up…I read the referenced article but I don’t think that’s the issue on this host. If it is, where do I find the tim thumb script?

    Charles Boyett says:

    can I integrate a blog page

    Charles Boyett says:

    can I integrate a blog page

    Erika says:

    Hello! I would like a little help here…

    I made the following configuration:
    – Type: buy, rent.
    – Rooms: 1, 2, 3 or more.
    – Area: Copacabana, Ipanema, etc.

    The price range for BUY is between R$ 1000000 – R$ 3000000 but for RENT is something between R$ 1000 – R$ 5000 only.

    So, is there a way to do the following: if the person chooses BUY, it shows only the price range for BUY and if the person chooses RENT, it shows only the price range related to RENT?

    How do I do that? THANKS 😀

    Additional coding will be required. The theme cannot handle that by default.

    Erika says:

    Thanks for your information.

    Can you help me with that, please? Or any similar solution?


    depizol says:

    Hey Erika,
    saw your question, and tried something here that seems to have worked:
    – create two price top categories like “rent” and “sell”
    – create your price ranges under this categories, for example “750 – 1200” as “rent” child and so on

    the only problem is that “rent” and “sell” will be shown under price search dropdown but you can circunvent this choosing some label for the top category that make it look fine like “all for rent” and “all for sell”

    depizol says:

    I’m having a little problem with the Automatic Slideshow. I tried with 3 images and the slideshow itself works but the images are shown in the listings details tab too.

    Thanks for the theme and any help in advance

    don’t insert it into the post. All you need is to upload the images.

    depizol says:

    my bad! it worked as expected,

    thanks a lot Michael!

    depizol says:

    Thank you Michael, that solved my problem and I’m sorry for the delay in the feedback

    Dan says:


    I found this great theme and am started to customize it, but I ran into a small issue and can’t find a solution.

    I can’t see my listing, the listing is there but it returns nothing when I click on it. (See screenshot)

    Any help is appreciated.

    Dan says:

    It seems that I messed the taxonomy and the single-listing.php. Managed to recover.

    real estate agent says:


    Please advise how to enable slideshow.

    Should the images be inserted directly into post? When I do that, nothing happens.
    Thanks a lot for the reply

    Salman Poonawala says:

    Hi Michael, i tried editing taxonomies but it showed up internal 500 error. please help.

    Great real estate theme.

    mark shirley says:

    Can I buy a theme like this for commercial use but with the custom post types or taxonomies ‘zero’d’ out I need a theme with a search panel in the header area.

    David Barnes says:

    Where is the download button? Not sure where to go to download this theme.

    Ante says:


    Does anyone knows how to make checkboxes in a dropdown of search form?

    For example, when i search under term (taxonomy) price, i want to be able to select multiple values?

    Help somebody???


    check boxes IN A drop down? I’m sure it can be done – I just never done it. I would search Google on how to implement. As far as this theme, you can change the HTML and it should be good.

    Ante says:

    I`ll give it a try and let you know how it went. I guess this option would come in handy for the next possible update of this great theme 🙂

    Ante says:

    tried…failed…help? at least in theory…the point of the whole thing is to select more than one value in dropdown..or maybe you have other solution?…thanks anyway. you did enough with this outstanding template 🙂

    David Barnes says:

    Where is the download button? Not sure where to go to download this theme.

    its in the conluding paragraph

    Ante says:

    tried…failed…help? at least in theory…the point of the whole thing is to select more than one value in dropdown..or maybe you have other solution?…thanks anyway. you did enough with this outstanding template 🙂

    naiduhemanth111 says:

    I am not able to filter the listing, once it is done i am getting 404 page, I have saved in permalinks and listing search results page is also added.

    Sarangh says:

    I need sample data for the theme.!!

    remus says:

    Hi, my permalinks don”t function, show error not found… and i want to install an seo plugin and i can not. Help please. Update: I change my mind, thanks, i will use some premium theme. No seo in this theme, no posibility to sort listing by price or enything else… Anyway, is a great theme and is free…

    Script PHP Grátis says:

    where is the download link?

    in the concluding paragraph.

    looks like you got it.

    Simone says:

    Ok thank you i’m risolved my problem…i skip two line of your tutorial 🙁 im sorry

    Simone says:

    Hallo, grat theme thank you!

    I’ve problem with permalink 🙁

    I try to puh botton save changes in permalink settings but return always 404 after i try to change permalink for example to personalize but return not 404 but a blank page of my site…can you help me???

    Mario says:

    The metabox for maps doesn’t seem to work with wordpress 3.7.1. Any workaround or fix to be released?

    I just installed 3.7.1 and the google map meta box is showing fine.

    brice says:

    How do i display and list pages in the “latest listing” section, instead of listings?

    you can see this tutorial on how that section is built: then change the post type to “pages”

    Sanguango says:

    Great theme! Thank you very much!

    I got three questions:

    1. How can I modify the way in which listings (search results) are displayed? Instead of displaying 3 listings per line, I would like to display inly one (full width) per line.

    2. How can I eliminate the thumbnail? I do not want to display images, and if I do not select a thumbnail it appears a message stating “need post thumbnail”.

    3. Instead of showing the date in which the post is created, can I show in that place the name of a category? (e.g. imagine that one of the Area categories is New York, instead of showing “added September…” under the Title of the listing, I would like to show “New York”).

    1. you have to modify the wp_query object. pass in extra params
    2. you have to remove the_post_thumbnail
    3. category_list i believe

    Louis says:

    The slide show works well however the images are displayed below too, how do i to fix it?

    mikiaandy says:

    1. Your theme it s ….my favorite. THXXX
    2. In listing from home page, i want to change “select:……” in “…….”, without word select.

    smmmza says:

    Hi , I was also wondering about how to remove the word select and leave the rest of the text – thanks in advance

    Douglas Silva says:

    I Love you <3

    Andreza Vieira says:

    How can I attach files in a listing using this theme? For the posts provided by the wordpress I use the plugin “Attachments”, but it does not work when I publish a listing.

    it should be the same way as adding media to posts.

    Andreza Vieira says:

    I have tried too, but when I open the listing, a blank space appear as I show in this figure:

    Andreza Vieira says:

    I will see.. thank you very much. Your support is very very fast, perfect 🙂

    funny – i’m looking at that website free-installations – and it requires you to register to see the fix. So I did that and I’m just waiting for my password. When I get it – i might as well fix the theme and upload. stay tuned.

    see my reply to the parent of this thread

    ts3 says:

    Not working in WordPress. It’s trying to rotate but the images are not there??

    Okay, I got to see the code from ‘’ – apparently, this fix was specific to hosting environments that is not configured to return $_SERVER[‘DOCUMENT_ROOT’] – so the work around is going into the timthumb file (in our case realtyscriptsresize.php) and changing line 825 from this:

    $docRoot = @$_SERVER[‘DOCUMENT_ROOT’];

    to something like this:

    $docRoot = @$_SERVER[‘/home/a12435678/public_html/’];

    *you replace the DOCUMENT_ROOT with the actual path to your home directory.

    Now I cannot update the theme – because it’s not a problem w/ code, but more of environment.

    gisely says:

    How can i translate the terms “select type”, rooms, area and price? Thanks

    gisely says:

    How can i translate the terms “select type”, rooms, area and price? Thanks

    Andreza Vieira says:

    How can I add a Latest Listing widget in the sidebar?

    Hi Andreza, that’s actually a good idea for a tutorial. It’s basically the same as this tutorial -> , but I will have to rewrite it to match Realty. So stay tuned.

    you can download the theme again and it should have support for widgets.

    Niall says:

    Hi, I have instaled this theme and created /listing-search-results

    This page seems to work when I first view page, but if I apply a filter I get a blank results screen.

    The same happens when I search from the homepage (see attached screenshot). Can you help?

    make sure you apply the page template to the search results page (follow the steps above)

    Tita says:

    Hi, I am having a problem with the automatic slideshow. The images appear zoomed in. I would like to them to appear at 100% on the automatic slideshow. Is there a way to fix this? Thank you.


    there’s an automatic script that hard crops the images – this is to ensure the images correspond with the theme.

    Mike Adam says:

    Keep getting a 404 error on listings page. Flush permalinks and everything is OK, but after 2-3 days same thing happens so have to flush permalinks again. Anyone offer any advice?

    Lotte says:

    As soon as I search by using the submit button I get this message:

    “The requested URL /listing-search-results/ was not found on this server.”

    I tried flushing the permalinks but it does not seem to help..

    Could anyone please help me how to solve this problem?


    did you follow the section: “Set up the Listing Search Results Page”

    Lotte says:

    Ah thank you I did not set my permalinks correctly!

    Guest says:

    Hi guys, I really love your realty theme. However I think I’ve messed up with something. When I followed the instruction on how to add the Listing Search Page. my blog post suddenly won’t appear and it will be redirected to the Listing Search Page. How do I fix that? : (

    Guest says:

    Hi guys, I really love your realty theme. However I think I’ve messed up with something. When I followed the instruction on how to add the Listing Search Page. my blog post suddenly won’t appear and it will be redirected to the Listing Search Page. How do I fix that? : (

    Rio Lecatompessy says:

    still have problem. the image and thumbnail won’t show on post. Any help is appreciated.

    The issue can be fixed here: i have yet to do an update.

    Jesse says:

    I’ve tried this too and it won’t work. Updated timthumb and everything. Also, why is timthumb re-named?

    strange. I haven’t looked at the fix itself. Although i know that it’s a fairly recent version of timthumb. Renamed it so it won’t show in the source

    Michael Soriano says:

    strange. I haven’t looked at the fix itself. Although i know that it’s a fairly recent version of timthumb. Renamed it so it won’t show in the source

    Bob Spikman says:

    The solution to problems showing images/thumbnails etcetera:

    Bob Spikman says:

    doh, my previous post dissappeared earlier.

    BobSpikman says:

    Anyone who has problems showing thumbnails or pictures within their posts, read this article:

    It lets you specify in what folder the images are, so you can gain access without setting permissions etcetera.


    Damien says:


    Thank you for this theme it’s awesome. But i got some prblm since few hour my listing search is not working as you can see on my website Someone can help me ?

    apply the template to your listings page:×323.jpg

    Damien says:

    Hi, thank for reponse.
    I did exactly that but i got still the same prblm “page not found”… before it’s was working perfectly. It’s could be another prblm ?

    try flushing your permalinks. Go to settings -> permalinks and hit save

    Bob Spikman says:

    Great template! One question: How can it be my images do show up when I use a link on the front page but the image does not appear as soon as I add a featured image to the listing panel? Thnks in advance. Regards,Bob

    Bob Spikman says:

    btw: Within Filezilla I already tried applying cache permission 777 to get access, because that seems to be the problem – not getting access to pictures within the listing posts.

    do you mean as a thumbnail in the archive pages?

    bob spikman says:

    both as a thumbnail as within the opened post they do not show up. The jquery slideshow attributes do show up though.. it seems the images are blocked.

    Bob Spikman says:


    Jesse says:

    How? How did you solve it? Because I have the same problem. Tried changing the code based on the link provided up above, but I can’t see the images.

    Jesse says:

    How? How did you solve it? Because I have the same problem. Tried changing the code based on the link provided up above, but I can’t see the images.

    Michael Soriano says:

    do you mean as a thumbnail in the archive pages?

    Marcello says:

    Hi Great Job guys.TNX
    I need to know how to pass the last fields selected in the dropdown field.
    Is it possible? please let me know tnx in advance.

    do you mean – how to remember the last fields selected? if you’re up to some coding – you need to grab it from the session. In this article i’ve already created a session node for realty listings – all you need to do is loop through it and echo ‘selected=”selected”‘.

    dee says:

    Hi, How do i add “for rent/for sale” category on the form? Please help, thanks much and more power on this theme.

    charlieg says:

    Hi. When a property is for example sold is there any way of adding an overlaying message / image to the featured image stating that it is “sold”? If so, how could this be achieved? Thanks.

    charlieg says:

    Or a way of activating a “sold” message via WordPress? Could teh Excerpt be used for this or a custom field – please advise?

    Krista says:

    I love the Realty template! Is there a way to add a Twitter feed and Facebook Page like button to the homepage? When I try to use the WP JetPack widgets they don’t show up. Thanks!

    charlieg says:

    Hi again. When I try to add an image to ‘about realtor’ on the theme’s homepage via ‘Realty options’ in WordPress it does then not show on the site. I have checked and the server’s Magic Quotes are disabled / off. The default image displayed fine (until I removed it). Is there a fix and if so what is it? Any help is appreciated.

    charlieg says:

    I ended up hard coding the image on the page. One other thing, could you please advise whether the main image across the homepage can be converted to a jquery carousel? If so, how can this be done and can it be controlled via WordPress? Thanks.

    you should be able to convert it – but not through wp. i have a tutorial on how to do something like that:

    charlieg says:

    Hey, it states above that pagination occurs after 9 listings, however this happens to me after 3 lisitngs. Why is this and could you please advise on a fix? Thank you.

    charlieg says:

    That is, I would pagination to occur after 9 listings on my site too. 🙂

    yes the default is 9. make sure you have enough listings. and see the listings-page template for the total of paged

    Azlie Ari Alias says:

    Hi, I just downloaded your theme and it’s awesome. However, can’t get the search to work though… no results for “listing-search-results” on the website I am working on and the front page search listing is opaque instead of transparent. Please help. Need your advise. Thanks.

    i checked your site and it’s looking good

    Chuck says:

    Hi. When I upload an image for a listing, the listing image uploads fine within WordPress, however does not display on the homepage as a ‘latest listing’ or on the listing page when it is published. Link:

    Could you please advise how this could be fixed? Thank you for the great theme!

    looks like you got it.

    Bob Spikman says:

    So how did you fix it?

    charlieg says:

    Hello. Thank you for this theme.

    I have encountered an issue with the listing images. When I upload an image for a listing it does not appear on the listing page or homepage. Could you please advise how this can be fixed?


    create an empty file named index.html file in the cache directory. also, check the cache directory permissions. s/b 777

    Andresito says:

    Hi thanks for the theme!
    1. Could the words Type, Rooms, Area and Price be changed to another like Location instead of Area? The same with other instructions like: Find your next home.
    2. Could I add another category there like Measures? Thanks!

    of course you can. it requires a few code changes though.

    Jon says:

    Hi Michael, What files would I need to change? As I want to completely change things to car garage than houses/homes.

    Add your taxonomies through wp-admin, then open search-listings-form.php and see where i populate the divs with buildSelect() and i pass in the string of the the term. its hard coded because i don’t want to simply loop through all terms.

    Andreza Vieira says:

    How can I do that? Add another category there like Measures. I need 5 filters. Thanks.

    I’m sorry – you don’t have to change code. just change the categories or add.

    Tom says:


    nice theme you have there. Can you please let me know which file I should look for the search code. I want to localize the search values and the button “submit query”.

    Also, is there any way to config the search as the following:

    for example I have taxomonies like 1,2,3,4,5,6……20,21,22 etc

    I there any way that search could show a range of taxomonies, wor example if I would choose 5-10 in search option, it would filter out all 5,6,7,8,9,10 taxomonies?

    As far as I played with this, I see that the drop down in search give only the “taxomony entered” values.

    Hope I have explained this clearly. Will await for your answer. Thanks.

    I’m not sure what you mean by “localize”.

    the range of taxonomies would most likely be a checkbox, or a multiple select tag. to populate it, you have to change the code and query all taxonomies dynamically.

    Tom says:


    I mean I want to translate this into my language, where I should look for this code?

    As for the search issue, Any suggestion on code update?

    tom says:

    Any answer?

    durra says:

    Till now i have totally 4 listings but the listing page shows only 3 of them and i have to click on older entries link to see the 4th listing!

    What shall i do to make it shows 9 listings ?


    do you have a url we can look at?

    charlieg says:

    I had the same problem. Edit the listings-page php file and change ‘3’ to ‘9’ and voila!

    thanks charlieg. i didn’t know i hard coded a 3 in there. i will update.

    Damien says:

    Thank a lot 😉

    Damien says:

    Thank a lot 😉

    Iam working on a website using the realty theme.It’sfantastic. I have one question how can i stop chrome browser translating “submit button” in search box on the home page to hungarian language.
    Please note that the website is in english language! So no need to have the submit button in hungarian.

    Thanks for your help and for this great theme

    Best regards

    Dan says:

    Add value=”XXXX” your text instead of XXXX

    watercolourz says:

    we did what you mention here to do for ‘ search listings’ however error 404 not found is still there and we do not know how to tackle it. please help.

    try flushing the permalinks – go to settings > permalinks and hit “save”. also, see the new page you created and compare it to the url value

    FB says:

    Thanks for a good template.
    I can easily add taxonomy as drop-down menu, but can I add checkbox?

    Example: Fireplace, pool, carport, etc.

    F. Aarhus

    yes you should be able to. Just test out the output when you submit the form.

    jorge luis says:

    helloo Again 🙂 Thanks for answering so quickly !! i resolved thr ptoblem whit the pluging Tumbnail for excertp, i almost finishin my page but i would like to change the language of the template to spanish, i tried whit poedit but i dont know what ecxacly folder to change.. it would be .mo or .po inside of template but i dont find the folder in the template ?? what i can do.

    Thanks for your help, i really like the templete 🙂

    Jon says:

    I installed your theme on a test site and when I uploaded the feature image and other images they simply do not load. When I access the site in IE or Chrome it shows an X box. I am not sure what is going on as I tried uploading pictures in all different sizes and resolutions. The link to my site is If you could help I would greatly appreciate it as I am all out of ideas.

    Omar says:

    same problem

    Jorge says:

    Thanks for a great design, good contributions

    but a have a questions 🙂 how i can put an image into the excertp… for example the feature image !!

    I will preciate your help.

    the excerpt will strip out all htmls. It would have to be in the post itself.

    Jorge says:

    helloo Again 🙂 Thanks for answering so quickly !! i resolved thr ptoblem whit the pluging Tumbnail for excertp, i almost finishin my page but i would like to change the language of the template to spanish, i tried whit poedit but i dont know what ecxacly folder to change.. it would be .mo or .po inside of template but i dont find the folder in the template ?? what i can do.

    Thanks for your help, i really like the templete 🙂

    mario galindo says:

    Hello Michael

    Thanks for a great design

    My question is what do you recommend multilingual plugin that works well with Realty. I installed “Polylang” and can not see the results of the “Listing Search Results”, I’d appreciate any comments

    Greetings Mario

    Neil says:

    Having trouble with the automatic slideshow? where does this option appear?

    Adriana says:

    no me funciona el filtro de los inmuebles.. hice de acuerdo lo que dice. pero me dice not found, por favor me colaboran

    Adan says:

    ingresa directo en el navegador a la pagina de listing-search-results y de acuerdo a la dirección que te arroje en el navegador (ejemplo a mi me salia esto por la configuración de los enlaces permanentes) y modifica en el editor de temas el archivo search-listings-form-sidebar.php la parte:
    <form method="post" action="/?page_id=8/”>
    para que coincida con lo que te arroja como enlace y funciona.

    Phil says:

    Great Theme and very easy to setup, but actually there seams to be no multisite support since tinypic (resize module for pictures) is not able to work with virtual folders, any chance to get this running?
    Regards Phil

    A user ran into a similar problem, and e mailed me his fix:

    Home page lines 56-59 and search-listings 77-80

    <?php if ( has_post_thumbnail()) : ?>
    <a href="<?php the_permalink(); ?>" title="<?php the_title_attribute(); ?>" >
    <?php the_post_thumbnail(); ?></a>
    <?php endif; ?>

    single-listings 63-81

    <?php foreach (getPhotoAttachements($post->ID) as $attachment ): //not using my get image - due to href going to lightbox
    $blog_title = get_bloginfo(wpurl);
    $timthumb_fix = $blog_title. '/files';
    $src = wp_get_attachment_image_src($attachment->ID, 'full');
    $src = str_replace($timthumb_fix, "", $src);
    $img = '<a href="' . $src[0] . '" rel="grp">';
    $img .= '<img src="' . myDir() . '/scripts/resize.php?src=' . $blog_title . '/wp-content/blogs.dir/' . get_current_blog_id() . '/files' . $src[0] . '&amp;w=1024&amp;h=600&amp;q=100" alt="" />';

    $img .= '</a>';

    echo $img;

    endforeach; ?>

    hope this helps.

    Ryan Van Fleet says:


    I have tried this fix for using this theme on my wordpress multisite install.

    The home page and search listings fix worked fine.

    However, the single listing slider is not showing the image within the slider. If I inspect the element, I can see that the images are being called.

    My question is do I have to change something in this part:

    php if (count(getPhotoAttachements($post->ID)) > 0)

    if this has been changed to this:

    php foreach (getPhotoAttachements($post->ID) as $attachment ): //not using my get image – due to href going to lightbox


    Here is the link to the

    paul smith says:

    Hi there, I think this theme is superb; far more usable than any other I’ve found. However, could you help me out with the taxonomies. I have tried to add more and everything seems to work except you cant use them to search (ie if you select one of them the search comes back with no results). you can add new categories to the new taxonomies in the admin section but if you then try and edit them it says invalid taxonomy…..could you possibly help? many thanks Paul

    michael says:

    yes – it should be in functions.php. i checked your site and it looks like you got it.

    Arbin says:

    Thank you for this wonderful theme. I really used it for my real property pages.

    Pankaj says:

    Hey Michael,
    The search form on the home page (with various filters) doesn’t return any results the first time.. It only works when we hit submit one more time.. Can you please take a look at it? thanks

    Pankaj says:

    Hey Michael I’m willing to pay you for getting this pagination to work and fixing other small bugs…Please move it a bit higher on your to do list.. thanks..

    Pankaj says:

    How can i show more listings on the home page and how can i paginate them?

    Pankaj says:

    I’m using the listing search results template for the home page…but after doing this pagination is not shows older posts link but when its clicked the url shows /page2 bt redirects to the same page..

    michael says:

    i see what you mean. so the search results template is the home page and its not recognizing the next pages. Let investigate and recreate this on my local server. stay tuned.

    Pankaj says:

    Thanks a Lot Michael..the thing is it recognizes the next pages only if the URL is of the format – but i’m using listing-search-results as the home page template so when I click older posts link the url i’m taken to is so it doesn’t show anything..

    michael says:

    right. i am looking at a workaround in this special case. stay tuned.

    @c7f8a0b6cd66a45ab55abcb9dddd2761:disqus – Sorry for being late – but I just now fixed the issue. You can download realty again – or see this post for more details

    Joe says:

    I’d really like to be able to customize and brand the footer. How can we arrange a license fee to remove it? Thank you.

    Pankaj says:

    The taxonomies that I added are not showing in the dropdowns on the homepage (find your next home search listings)…please help me out

    michael says:

    if you added more taxonomies (more than 4) – you have to manually add the function buildSelect(‘taxonomyname’) in the form. so open search-listings-form.php and add the said function.

    Pankaj says:

    Got it! thanks a ton…!

    Pankaj says:

    I set a featured image and inserted an image in a listing but it doesn’t show on the home page like in your demo. What do I need to do to show thumbnails on the home page?

    michael says:

    send me a url so i can take a look.

    Pankaj says:

    Thanks for the prompt reply Michael… heres the url… my sample listing can be seen at the bottom…

    Pankaj says:

    Thanks for the theme.
    I want know how I can change the names of the taxonomies example – I want ‘type’ to be named as ‘Apartment Type’ and ‘Rooms’ to ‘something else’ Please help me out.


    michael says:

    yes you can. you should go to functions.php and you will see a section where the taxonomies are defined.

    Pankaj says:

    I’ll go through the functions.php file and hack around..

    Pankaj says:

    Great theme and good documentation. Keep up the good work!

    Hey terrific blog! Does running a blog similar to this take a large amount of work?
    I’ve very little understanding of computer programming but I had been hoping to start my own blog soon. Anyway, if you have any suggestions or tips for new blog owners please share. I understand this is off subject nevertheless I just wanted to ask. Thank you!

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