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Published: May 15, 2011

A magazine style theme that puts your content in a beautiful wrapper, complete with subtle page elements that is sure to add elegance to your pages. This theme is called Agency. Agency is compatible with the latest WordPress release, taking advantage of some its newer features. Let me explain:

UPDATE 5/16/2012 – I’ve updated Agency to version 3.0. Numerous bugs were addressed – added pause on slideshow. Added theme options for easy customization including changing the logo, twitter, facebook handles etc. More Information

agency overview Agency


  • A Custom Slideshow – sits in the home page, automatically switches through four images. These images are post thumbnails from posts assigned to a specific category. In other words, the slideshow pulls 4 posts from a category named “featured”. You can change the category by editing “feature.php” – look for the variable $myCat .
  • Two Widgetized Sidebars – Each sidebar has a width of 140 pixels – just enough to house small ad spots, text and general widgets .The sidebars also sit on the center of the page as you scroll down.
  • Custom Gallery Styles with Lightbox – The default WordPress gallery style is overridden to match the rest of the theme. Lightbox effect is also applied to all links leading to an image.
  • Built in Contact Form – no need to install a plugin for a simple contact form, its already in the theme. Simply apply the page template “Contact Form” into your page and configure

The theme also supports the WP 3.0 menu system, gravatars and threaded comments. The thumbnails for each posts, including the images in the slideshow are pulled from the post thumbnails.

How to Use:

Installing the theme is just like any other WordPress theme. Simply go to the “Appearance” > “Install Themes” section in your admin panel. Click the “Upload” link – browse to the theme .zip file and “Install Now“.

Adding Post Thumbnails to your Posts:

To add images to your posts you can use the Post Thumbnail feature of WordPress. Simply go to the post in “Edit” mode. On the right side of the page – click on “Set Featured Image“:

This will trigger the image uploader. Upload your image and as soon as that’s done, click the “Use as Featured Image” link:

Note that you should keep the file sizes to a smaller size. The resizing script has a maximum size limit.

How to Activate the Slideshow:

The slideshow in the homepage pulls 4 posts from a category called “featured” (If you want to pull from a different category – see below). Simply go to “Categories” and one called “featured” – add 4 posts under it.

Visit your homepage and you should now see the slideshow area populated with the posts you just assigned to “Featured”. Now if you don’t see an image – that means you haven’t assigned a Post Thumbnail – so read the section above called “Adding Post Thumbnails to your Posts“.


*If you want to change the slideshow to pull from another category instead of “featured”, go to “Appearance” > “Editor” and click “feature.php” from the right side. In the editor – change the word “featured” into your category slug that you want (see below). Save your changes.


How to insert a Photo Gallery:

Adding a photo gallery into agency is as easy as pie. Simply go to the post / page you want in “Edit” mode and click on the image uploader. Navigate to your local directory and highlight the images you want and click “Open”.


As soon as the images upload, click on “Save Changes” and additional settings will show. Select your options and click “Insert Gallery”.


Update your post / page and preview it. You should see your gallery in place. The lightbox effect should also automatically pick up. All images that are linked to another image will trigger the lightbox effect in the Agency theme.


How to Customize the Navigation Menu:

Agency supports the WP Menu System which let’s you customize the links any way you want. Go to “Appearance” > “Menus” and start by creating a new menu. Enter a menu name and click “Create“.


This will create a blank menu panel in the right side of the page. The idea is to select categories, pages or custom links from the left side, click the “Add to Menu” button – and it will appear on the menu panel in the right. In this panel, you can drag and drop the links so you can design the menu hierarchy. Links that are staggered underneath become the drop down links from the respective parent – you get the drift.


Once the menu is done – hit “Save Menu” and in the top most left column box called “Theme Locations“, select the menu you just created from the drop down called “Header Menu”. Click “Save” and view your website. You menu should now be in place.


Agency is ideal for high content blogs with multiple post categories. Some HTML and CSS knowledge is required to customize, as well as Photoshop for the graphic elements. Additional documentation can be found from these series of posts. You can download Agency from this link. Please don’t forget to leave your comments below.

This article is written by Michael Soriano. Michael is a Front End Developer based in La Crescenta California. He specializes in CSS, JavaScript and UI. When not developing sites, Michael likes to play handyman and wrestles his kids.

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321 thoughts on “Free magazine style WordPress theme with custom content slider – Agency

    Jed says:

    Hello Michael, all of the sudden on FireFox and Chrome my header links are almost ontop of my logo. Any idea what I am missing?

    it looks good on chrome. is it a different url?

    Jed says:

    Hi …. I added a gallery with thumbnails. I changed the size of the thumbnails but one of the thumbnails is still small. Any ideas?

    try adding the media again. I think it’s wp that is generating the small image incorrectly

    Tomas says:

    Hi, can you help me with excerpt? I want to add a text “read more” at the end of the excerpt.. how to do that?

    open index.php – look for the_excerpt(), then add html: a href the_permalink()

    Michael Soriano says:

    open index.php – look for the_excerpt(), then add html: a href the_permalink()

    Jed says:

    The light box is not working for me. I most likely did something but can’t figure out what. I

    Jed says:

    The lightbox is not working for my site …. any idea why?

    Hi Jed, you have an error in your page: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘top’ of undefined – which stops all scripts. Try removing the call for stickyfloat.js

    kaleem khan says:

    how can i download ? no link

    Michael Soriano says:

    it should be in the conclusion paragraph

    Jack Nowa says:

    Hi michael
    How are you ? how to make a slide show work as i tray to set up but could not work than, are there specific size of pic i have to upload

    Jack Nowa says:

    Dear Michael

    I been upload the agency therms ,,,but not work properly yet … any help for me please? I will ask you lots of think than,,,

    this is the warning I got
    Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/b4litour/public_html/wp-content/themes/agency/functions.php:267) in /home/b4litour/public_html/wp-includes/pluggable.php on line 866
    while posting or upload image thanks

    many thanks

    Jack Nowa says:

    Hi , I am first time here and you guys do a great job , thanks for sharing this ,

    kaleem khan says:

    how can i download ? no link

    it should be in the conclusion paragraph

    Charles Emmanuel says:


    Agency is ideal for high content blogs with multiple post categories.
    Some HTML and CSS knowledge is required to customize, as well as
    Photoshop for the graphic elements. Additional documentation can be
    found from these series of posts. You can download Agency from this (link). Please don’t forget to leave your comments below.

    In the conclusion paragraph, the word “link” is the download link. I have yet to add download buttons to the post. Stay tuned

    Sal says:

    Can anyone show me how to change the green colour?

    in the theme images folder – there is file called “header-bg.gif” – this is the green border that you see in the header. you can edit this in photoshop to some other color.

    Sal says:

    Purchased this theme and love it…EXCEPT for the green featured in the tagline and solid line at the top of the page. Can anyone help me how to change the colour of this green text and line? Thanks

    Sašo says:

    When I (first time) click logout in comments I get an error (though it does the logout), if I go back and click second time it offers correct notification to logout. How can I repair this?

    Charlie says:

    How do I go about changing the default font size for the paragraph text in the posts on the home page?

    Last night bought your theme. As revealed at once began to set up an error. How do I activate this arrow to switch between photos?
    Translate the Google translator.
    Since I bought your theme. Please help in the Russification of the topic. And that does not support Cyrillic fonts. I would appreciate it if you tell me how to put all simple font calibre.

    i apologize for the late reply. The fonts will have to be changed to something other than the one being used in the theme. i used to generate the fonts for that theme.

    Дмитрий says:

    Thanks for the reply, but with the fonts I have figured out to change them, simply delete the folder scripts – Bebas_Neue_400.font.js
    and prescribe the necessary font css. Please tell me how can I remove lightbox from the gallery

    in header.php, look for this line of code:

    $("a[href$='.jpg'], a[href$='.jpeg'], a[href$='.gif'], a[href$='.png']").attr('rel', 'prettyPhoto');

    and delete it.

    Дмитрий says:

    How to make a normal map images in a standard lightbox?
    they open up completely

    Jack Nowa says:

    Oh yeah,,,how to get a contact form than,,,its said included but i could not see it,,


    the contact form is no longer included.

    sašo says:

    Actually I can’t change sidebar heading font which would support CE, any change results in same font displayed.
    Please help

    .sidebar-row h3 {font-family: ‘bbs’;}
    .sidebar-row h3{font-size:19px; border-bottom: 1px solid #E4E4E4; padding:0 0 9px 0; margin-bottom:15px; line-height:24px; }

    you will need to take those headings out of cufon – open header.php and look for this code:

    Cufon.replace('.sidebar-row h3, #search strong, h3#comments, #respond h3');

    and delete it. you will need to use another font to support your characters.

    Luke Axten says:


    Is it possible to remove the slider on both the right and left hand side? If so, how would I go about doing this? I did have a play around and deleted the jquery bit in the functions sheet but that stopped the homepage from cycling through. I must have deleted too much code. Can you tell me exactly what to delete? The slider is not necessary or what I want to do as it means less space for ads. Thankyou.

    open header.php and look for the code below and delete it:

    $('.sidebar.left').stickyfloat({duration: 400});
    $('.sidebar.right').stickyfloat({duration: 600});

    sašo says:

    bebas font does not support eastern europen characters, so i changed it with bebas neue but without success. what could i do?

    Ariel says:

    Is there anyway I can make the theme take as a front-page thumbnail the first photo from each article? I already have tons of posts with no thumb set… so i’d have to go in each post and click “set as thumb” – and that would take years to do! 🙂


    there’s a plugin that does that: – but i’m sure it will require some additional tweaks to format it correctly.

    Luke Axten says:


    We’re having a few problems with the theme.

    How do we change the twitter/facebook links and enable RSS feed? And how do we change the ads/sponsors? Is there any easy way? Or does it require ftp editing etc. Do you have any guides available?

    Also, the contact form doesn’t appear to be working. Have trialled it under our contact us page and it isnt sending emails to our email that we have set up and is inside the wp admin. Could we use adsense on the blog and where would the ads go as there is already the ads section and I take it it wouldnt just replace this?


    the twitter / ads would have to be done manually – in left-sidebar.php and right-sidebar.php. simply edit the html. the contact form – you have to do 1 more step. replace the @emailto value in the code to your email address. Open contact form in the editor : appearance > editor, look for @emailto and change the value to your email address.

    Javier says:

    I have recently purchased Agency template.

    There is a big problem with z-index on Explorer. Does not work!

    Please check feature.php slideshow in order to fix it. It´s urgent!


    Jed says:

    Is there a way to show the full blog post on the main page instead of a few lines?

    yes you can open home.php and look for the_excerpt() – change to the_content();

    Jed says:

    Thanks, I did that but the full comment is not pulling up still.

    saso says:

    I’d like to use eastern european font what can i do?
    tx Sašo

    aldix says:

    This theme paid??
    I think free.
    i finish join the facebook page.


    A big thank you for your article post.Really thank you! Want more.

    Hello There. I found your weblog the usage of msn. This is a really well written article. I will be sure to bookmark it and come back to learn more of your helpful information. Thanks for the post. I will definitely return.

    Jed says:

    Is there a way to change the main page to another page other then the blog page?

    Rosa says:

    I like your Agency theme, but have a couple of questions. Is a Flickr widget available to go along with the widgets for facebook and twitter? Also, is there a setting for me to chose from to make the posts under the slide show not show up? I like the fact that you can click on the picture and it takes you to the post, but I don’t like the fact that it shows on the bottom as well.

    flickr widget is not installed with the theme. but you can certainly add it no problem. for posts to not show up under the slideshow – there isn’t a setting, but it can be done through code. i can help you out.

    toner says:

    Nice theme.Thank you.

    moes says:

    I just bought this theme but howto change the logo in the header? i thought there would be a function for this

    sorry – you have to do that manually. its kind of difficult since the logo is an image.

    Susan says:

    Very “Hot” theme!

    Hi I need to know where I can change the time to change image in the slideshow. Thanks

    Kruszin says:

    Where is the “SEARCH FOR:” ( under small ads) code ?

    Martin says:

    Hello Michael,
    Is it possible to change font in a slideshow? Can’t find it.
    Thank you.

    the font in the slideshow is controlled via javascript inside the header.php file. you can take out this code:

    Cufon.replace('#featured .info h2', {
    textShadow: '-1px 1px black'
    $('#featured .info h2').css({
    'font-size' : 50,
    'lineHeight' : 70

    then change the font style in the css

    Jerome says:


    What font do you use for your logo?


    RCruz says:

    I’m having some difficulties with the actually theme. When I added the 4 posts with images into a category called “featured”, the images DO appear in the sideshow. But you can only see half of the image, the other half is being covered by a black box with the post titles in it. If anything, this black box should be transparent, allowing me to see the reset of the image with the post titles included. Is there anyway to correct this issue (I really want to use this theme) or can I send someone my URL so they can see it themselves nor a screenshot so they can assit? …. I will appreciate anyones help … Thanks RC

    send me your screenshot. also – try to use images that are landscape in orientation (vs portrait). Portrait images will get cut off in the sides to compensate the height.

    RCRUZ says:

    Hey Michael – I’m having some difficulties with the Agency theme (click the link above for a view of the issue). Also the arrows pointing to the images in the slideshow are having issues when I hover over them with my mouse pointer… Thank so much for the help!

    the hover effect is actually supposed to be there. now that you pointed it out – it does look confusing.

    RCruz says:

    :: ::
    The hover effect does look a bit confusing/different on my site, compare to the demo ( site.

    But I’m more concern with the 4 images in the slideshow. What is the proper way to correct this issue, because I’ve already reconverted the images to landscape and had no succes with resolving?

    phu says:

    hi Michael,
    hope you have a great time for Christmas and New year. Can i ask you 2 questions ?
    #1. how can i add the captcha menu to your contact form, seriously, your contact form is great with font style and design, but i want to stop spam, so i need the captcha.
    #2. how can i stop the bar from moving upside/down, i remembered someone asked it before me, but i couldn’t find it here anymore so I need to ask for your instructions again.
    Thanks you so much.

    for captcha, there are a bunch of free scripts such as secureimage – but you have to manually add it to the template for now. You have to be pretty comfortable with writing PHP scripts. The template name is contact-form-template.php (i think) its inside the theme folder. I will definitely include this in future versions.

    for the sidebars to stop moving, go to header.php and take out the code below:

    $('.sidebar.left').stickyfloat({duration: 400});
    $('.sidebar.right').stickyfloat({duration: 600});

    Luke says:


    Love the theme and I did purchase it. Do you have a link to the Copyrights that I must follow? I ask because I’d prefer to remove the branding from the footer after purchasing.

    Thank you!

    Mogens says:

    Hi 🙂 where is it possible to tweak the fade time on your featured image viewer in the agency WP theme?

    all the best

    Alicia says:

    If possible, can I just change the excerpt length on the front page? If it is not possible to edit the “read more”?

    Amber says:

    How do I add a read more button? I really need that on the front page please.

    Nice Themes. very nice

    omer says:

    on index page under posts on main….read more button is not showing…..kindly help me in this…..there should be a button after every post on index page for continue reading or read more……
    looking forward your urgent reply

    No I didn’t add a read more link because the post title is already a hyperlink to the post.

    phu says:

    hi michael, I want to make the word bigger and with color in the front page. But that only effects inside post, could you give me instruction ?

    Hello, plz excuse if this has already been answered, but the comment archive isn’t accessible. Is there a way to make the widgets added to the sidebars determine the sidebar height, rather than the sidebar height being determined by the view port height? Thank you!

    I thought it did that. Let me investigate and get back to u.

    Jose says:

    How I can activate the Styles Gallery with Lightbox?
    since it does not work.

    i fixed the bug with the lightbox. i emailed you the files

    phu says:

    hi Michael,
    How can I change the logo and delete the Rss feed and Twitter, and add my facebook account to that link ?

    Martin says:

    I just bought this theme /Agenzy)

    I can’t see featured post on my “home” site?

    Andreas says:

    Nice Themes but i have one simple and major problem that I have. How to change the sponsor banner ? Thanks.

    dee says:

    Hi there,
    I am thinking of buying this theme,
    1 question –
    1) can the content slider go all the way across from left to right, and then the right bar & posts start below this ..with no left side bar?

    Would this be possible and how would we do this?

    that requires a lot of work.

    Edward says:

    I deleted the following line from the header file to disable the sliding sidebars. If this is a bad idea, let me know 🙂


    $(‘.sidebar.left’).stickyfloat({duration: 400});

    $(‘.sidebar.right’).stickyfloat({duration: 600});

    Edward says:

    This sticking sidebar is quite an issue. Any way to just disable the floating sidebar altogether? It would solve the issue, and personally, I prefer a static sidebar.

    David says:

    Great theme. 3 issues.

    My sidebars are also not sticky, though I have not modified the theme at all to this point. Want to be sure I can get that functioning prior to customization.

    The Categories section as shown in the demo does not appear on page or in the ‘sidebar-left.php’ file. I definitely need a categories section.

    I am also in need of a tag cloud. Any recommended php scripts to insert?


    David says:

    Tags/Categories was a ridiculous oversite on my part. Widgets of course. The sticky sidebar issue I still don’t have resolved.

    David says:

    Obvious oversite on categories/tag cloud. Widgets. Still no solution on sticky sidebar.

    David says:

    All issues fixed. Not sure why, but the stickyfloat js funtions for all pages except blog. Would like to implement on blog as well, though it seems the main issue is fixed.

    the sidebars will not float if its height is longer than the view port. – just fyi

    Eleonore says:

    Just bought this great theme!
    Really happy about it!
    I write in french and we do have accents that I can’t have in my post’s titles! How can I change that? If this is not possible with this font how can I change it?

    Thanks a lot!


    i see that cufon (the fonts that the theme is using) doesn’t support the accents . to take out cufon, open header.php – look for these lines of code:

    Cufon.replace('.post-title, .sidebar-row h3, #search strong, h3#comments, #respond h3');
    Cufon.replace('#featured .info h2', {
    textShadow: '-1px 1px black'
    $('#featured .info h2').css({
    'font-size' : 50,
    'lineHeight' : 70

    then, adjust the font settings from style.css.

    Thanks for this answer, it was exactly what I needed !

    Lex says:

    The links to the posts in the slider for “featured” are not working. They link to “/#fragment-(post number)” and not the actual post link. What’s wrong?

    HiHu says:


    How do you display accents (i’m french..) in post titles and widgets on the sidebar please ? Or at least, not forcing the upper case ?

    som says:

    Really nice theme.Is there a restriction on how many of my own sites I can use this theme if i buy it? and do we get the .psd file to customize for our site?

    Shelley says:

    I’m not entirely rookie at this – but can you nudge me in right direction on how I swap out my logo code for the agency logo. thanks!

    DRG says:

    u can replace the image (logo.jpg) with your own logo…!

    DRG says:

    Check my site now..!! agency is really superb…! <3<3<3.

    DRG says:

    Nice theme…great work..!

    Alfred says:

    Thanks for a beautiful theme. I just installed it and notice an error with trackbacks not appearing on posts. Instead I get this error message:

    “Warning: call_user_func(list_pings) []: First argument is expected to be a valid callback in /home/xxx/ on line 1334”

    Can you help?

    Updated the theme files to correct above. for anyone having this problem – email me host[at]

    Hi Michael,
    The Last week i buy the agency theme, install, it but I can not run the PrettyPhoto.
    What can happen? (install in

    Alfred says:

    Hi Michael. Thanks for sorting out the issue with trackbacks.
    Having installed the theme at the weekend, the right sidebar is not floating and instead stays at the top of the page. The left sidebar does float.
    I have the latest version of WordPress and have tried this with the original sidebar.php file but the issue persists.

    the floating sidebar only works if its smaller than the height of the viewport. your sidebar exceeds that height, so it doesn’t float.

    Where is located the string of code regarding the list of pages in the header? I can’t find it.

    Raadius says:

    Wondering why my slideshow pictures are showing up VERY VERY small. It’s not filling the box dimensions up. Can somebody help? Also is there a way to take out one of the sidebars (the left) and just have the right? They are too small as is, want the space from the left to be added to the right.

    Try uploading an image that is wider than the slideshow dimensions.

    Barsha says:

    very beautiful and simplistic template, thanks for the work

    Barb says:

    Theme looks great! Can’t wait to try it out 🙂

    Jasper says:

    Hi Michael, thanks for the great theme. I’m having some trouble with the lightbox effect, I can’t get it to work. It seems that if I check the source of a page, there is no rel=”prettyPhoto” attached to the images and I believe this might be the cause. Any suggestions on how to fix this? Running WP 3.2.1.
    Thanks in advance!

    you shouldn’t have to ad a rel tag. it will automatically pick up all images with src that leads to another image.

    Jasper says:

    i installed the theme and didnt change anything, but images are not picked up by the lightbox and just link to a separate jpg page.. any suggestions?

    Themes says:

    thank you 4 this site !

    enzo says:

    Hi I love this theme but I wanna know how can I call the contact-form in my specific section…
    thank you
    kind regards

    Ro says:

    Never mind, I remembered… you have to enter them manually in a custom excerpt and the custom excerpt field has been hidden since 3.1. This could be an answer to your people complaining about the lack of “more” links too… just choose Screen options on the Edit post page and show Excerpt. Then type your custom excerpt, adding Read more or whatever you want…

    Ro says:

    Is there any way to make links appear in the excerpts on the front page? I’m trying to use the theme as a magazine-style cover to a WP multi-site install so I need to be able to link straight from the home page to other people’s blog posts. Also it would be great if you could change the header, ad control and social media link control into a theme options tab at some point so that network users can use it… at the moment, I have to keep switching into Network Admin mode to edit things.

    Thanks for the work!

    Celeste says:

    Also would like to know how to change the ads on the sides? Thanks for the help 🙂

    Celeste says:

    i figured out the ads but still have issues with the thumbnail photos and the images not showing up in the slider

    Celeste says:

    unable to get thumbnails to show up even with the link provided. I keep getting a parse error 🙁 Please help.

    Celeste says:

    ok i figured out how to get the thumbnails working but the images in the slider look weird

    Pedrito says:

    Hi, I love this theme, but I have a problem. I have installed the plugin fancybox for WordPress. If I click on images appears two popups, The first Is prettyfoto and the second is fancybox. I uninstalled the fancybox plugin, but now, nothing happens, no prettyphoto popup appears, If I click the image goes directly to the image url. How to solve this problem? Thanks.

    Zay says:

    Can you tell me how to create the thumbnail gallery on a page, as you have it on your photo gallery page. I can’t seem to get it to work. Thanks

    add a regular wordpress gallery from your upload media tab.

    Khairul says:

    Hi, What a great theme. i use it for my blog. 😀
    i have a problem. i feel uncomfortable with the ‘scrolling’ sidebar it’s annoying me when i scroll down the page. can i make the fixed position? thank you.

    oh ya, hmm can i customize the tittle font on sidebar and content?. i cant find the script.

    Didrik says:

    Great theme 😀 Thanks. But i have som problem with the slideshow. The image is not in full hight, and i want the black to be transparent. How can i change this? you can se the problem on the page.
    Thanks for your help=)

    Iain says:

    Hi there – how does one change the length of the featured titles against the black background. If you change the font size the length of the text will still be limited with a “…”

    How can you extend this?


    Justin says:

    This theme is amazing! However, my left and right sidebar no longer slide up and down along with the scrolling now, and the slideshow doesn’t appear. Do you have a fix? Thanks!

    Jason says:

    Great theme. Has all the features of a premium theme.

    glenn says:

    The featured image is cropping automatically to 516×150?

    Kavinace says:

    Did you ever figure this out Glenn?

    Adriaen says:

    Ok thank … but I have not “category slug” in my administration !

    glenn says:

    I have a quick question regarding the featured rotator. I changed the category in the featured.php file to ‘headlines’. The image frame is not showing the pic, but rather just a black fill.


    glenn says:

    I figured it out.

    Adriaen says:


    I don’t understand for feature.php … Wich categorie ? Articles , Media …. page ??? Can I write ID = 2 or 2 ….


    use the category slug.

    Randy says:

    Hi Michael,
    great themes!
    but i have problem with the pages
    hot to make “HOME” pages work.. i’ve add new pages but wont work..
    and photo gallery pages..

    thanks in advance 🙂

    Randy says:

    and my thumbnail doesn’t appear..
    plz help.. thx

    use post thumbnails.

    Steven says:

    Sorry. For some reason that doesn’t read well. What I meant to say was that neither the lightbox nor the scrolling sidebars are working in . I have the lastest version of wordpress.

    heinzy says:

    Thanks Michael for all your prompt assistance
    If i may ask another q please – I would like to incorporate a wider logo but its being cropped. Where can i make the placement for the logo to be wider ?. Many thanks

    Steven says:


    I am having trouble with the scrolling side bars with the theme. How do I go about fixing this.

    I was also wondering if it is possible to have the four featured posts not listed below the scroller so there is no doubling up so t speak.
    scrolling site bar not working

    Nik B. says:

    This theme is absolutely amazing! The general flow and clean lines make it absolutely gorgeous. I had a question in reference to the “Features Slider” on the home page. How would I change the text size and the black background bar of the text in those sliders. I seem to be at a halt figuring out that one. Thanks in advance.

    the black bar is in feature.css – line 46. the text is in header.php javascript – open appearance > editor > header.php

    $('#featured .info h2').css({
    'font-size' : 50,
    'lineHeight' : 70

    heinzy says:

    Hi, Anyone know how to slow down/ speed up the featured slideshow?


    open appearance > editor > header.php
    look for code below:

    $("#featured > ul").tabs({fx:{opacity: "toggle"}}).tabs("rotate", 5000, true);

    replace 5000 with a lower value (represented in milliseconds)

    Lola says:

    I love this theme–thank you for developing it. Regarding the post thumbnails displayed on the homepage post excerpts, is there a way for a theme to grab the first image in the post (if there is one available) instead of having to select a featured image? I am trying to avoid having the “featured image” show up in the full post.
    Thanks in advance, and again awesome theme!!

    Beth says:

    I was also wondering about this!
    I like that there are thumbnails of the posts on the front page. I’m setting the “featured Image” to the image used in the post so that it shows as a thumbnail on the front page. The problem is that this method seems to add the thumbnail at the top of the post’s page too so that I now have a thumbnail at the beginning of the post and then the full size image as well.

    Is there a way to disable the automatic addition of the thumbnail on the post’s page while still setting the thumbnail for the front page of the blog?

    Thanks a million!

    Beth says:

    Oh duh! Just figured it out. For other people having the same problem:

    • Open single.php file.
    • look for this chunk of code and delete it from the file:
    ID ), array(9999,9999)); ?>

    <a href="” id=”feature-image” class=”in_single”>

    • save the changes

    Vladislav says:

    First of all thank you for this gorgeous theme.
    I have a question. There is a difficulty in displaying Cyrillic fonts in Cufon.
    I tried to replace the font generated from the site but without regultatno.
    Show you how to replace the usual Cufon CSS that would look not much to spoil (of course, will look a bit different …)

    Caswel says:

    am I alowed to integrate this awsome theme with buddypress?

    i liked this theme. i got the link from somewhere else but i wasn’t sure if this was a free or premium theme, so i came to re-check. i’m planning to make a story blog where i intend to use this wonderful theme.

    heinzy says:


    Regarding my’ featured ‘catagory that i have used JUST for the gallery on the home page slideshow. I want to remove the ability to click on the slides – as these dont go to useful posts

    Is this possible?

    many thanks

    heinzy says:

    Hi – i loaded the plugin “Page Links To” and set the url path to “#”
    Now it doesnt link anywhere

    heinzy says:

    sorry another question please ! – is it possible to have the featured post thumbnails running in the slideshow bit without the actual posts appearing below. Many thanks

    that is the default behavior.

    yes you can. its a bit hard to explain in code.

    Ari says:

    I made some changes in the settings. Think I figured it out.

    Ari says:

    Michael, I just started setting up your theme and ran into a problem. When I create a new post it gives it the default url of my about page. I would assume upon creating a new entry it should give it a unique url. When I was creating pages intitaially it gave me the ability to change the permalink but not for the new posts.

    hollis says:

    how that sidebar not sungker ???thanks..

    St says:

    Hi, I have trouble receiving a message with the built in contact form. I changed the email in wp but I don’t seem to receive anything. Can you help me please ?

    open contact-form.php from appearance -> editor. look for code:

    $emailTo = '';

    change the value inside the quotes your email address

    Cody says:

    Awesome theme! And thanks for letting us use it, your credits will stay at the footer.
    But quick question, what are the sizes of the image banner pictures and where do i change them?

    if you mean the slideshow pix the dimensions are: 516w x 344h. you change them by adding posts to a category named “featured” and attaching post-thumbnails to each of them.

    Sierra says:

    just starting out and am working on the layout.
    looking to move the logo (w/the plume) either below or above pink line and center the menu items “about sierra leone,” “before the devil wore prada,” etc.)
    please advise.


    Sierra says:

    disregard. figured it out.

    Hello michael,

    I am charmed with your work and this template is ideal for my page, but I have a problem and need help. I could not have changed the logo, that is to say to put that of my institution. I wait could help me.

    Thank you very much!!!

    You have to edit the file “logo.jpg” located in the images folder.

    Hello michael,
    Already I changed the image logo into the indicated folder and the logo of the insole has disappeared and my logo does not go out even, you help me please??
    Thank you very much!

    you shouldn’t change the html code in the header.php – simply replace the file named “logo.jpg” with your own logo image and it should work.

    St says:

    Hey amazing design would really appreciate if you could let me know what font you used in the logo.jpg file.

    Good artile you’ve created very interesting!

    Downloaded it and it’s really easy to use! Thanks for this

    noga says:

    Thank you for the lovely theme.
    I have an issue – using Hebrew, my post’s headlines are not visible, and the text is from left to right.
    I want to change the text direction not from the css, because it confuses the punctuation.

    Maranda says:

    Absolutely love this theme, my site ( launched almost two weeks ago and I’ve had tons of compliments on it.

    Since the last WordPress update my lightbox isn’t working – anyone else have that problem?

    Ari says:

    I can see the code in header and the style sheet is already included. I read over the documentation page and I’m guessing the rel=”prettyPhoto” code needs to be applied to the thumbnail. I haven’t figured it out yet but it might have to do with manually inputting the thumbnail instead of letting WP generate it for you. I see the question has popped up a couple times in the comments. Maybe Michael can address it.

    i coded the theme to automatically add the light box code for each link that leads to an image. if you want to get rid of it – open header.php (appearance > editor > header.php), look for this block of code:

    $("a[href$='.jpg'], a[href$='.jpeg'], a[href$='.gif'], a[href$='.png']").prettyPhoto({
    animationSpeed: 'normal', /* fast/slow/normal */
    padding: 40, /* padding for each side of the picture */
    opacity: 0.35, /* Value betwee 0 and 1 */
    showTitle: true, /* true/false */
    allowresize: true, /* true/false */
    counter_separator_label: '/', /* The separator for the gallery counter 1 "of" 2 */
    theme: 'light_rounded', /* light_rounded / dark_rounded / light_square / dark_square */
    callback: function(){}

    and delete it. save header.php

    bkk says:

    I will try to download and use.

    Linda says:

    i have a problem with the sidebars. when one of my pages are small, aka not very big in height, the sidebar gets cut off. using the overflow will only give me a scroll bar. i would like for it to always be seen, and that the main container is adjusted to at least the sidebar 🙂 How can i do that? thank you for this awesome theme also!

    Linda says:

    Figured it out myself. if anybody else is experiencing this problem, find this in the stylesheet:
    #inner-wrap {position:relative; clear:both; overflow:hidden; min-height:1000px; padding:10px 0 10px 0;}

    I can’t remember what the min-height: was before i editted, but just edit that height to whatever fits your sidebar. Mine was around 800, so i just put another 200, in case i add something to the sides!

    good catch Linda. Thank you for posting the fix.

    Johnny Be Good says:

    I cant seem to get the thumnails/featured image to work. Can anyone upload their functions.php code and index.php code?

    Johnny Be Good says:

    managed to get it sorted.

    1 more question though, can you tell me what font you used for the Agency logo and what the hash colour code is for green “For WordPress” text please? Many thanks!

    Hi Michael, i managed to change the font size! Thank you for the help!

    I have another question, hope this will be the last.
    How can I put more categories to be shown in the slider? Can I do it or I have to make a big category “featured” and put in it all the others categories I want to be shown in the slider?


    you can change the category for the slider by opening feature.php – look for $myCat and change the value to the right of the equals (=) symbol to the category slug you want.

    Yes, I saw it. But I’m asking if it is possible to put more than only one category.

    Thank you! 😀

    i believe you can. try separating them with a comma.

    Tracy says:

    Great theme, thanks! How can I remove the copy and hover over in the right boxes on the slider? Tried everything and can’t locate. Thanks so much!

    web tasarim izmir says:

    awesome article thanks for the post, I found this blog just yet but I am adding you to my bookmarks

    Fleur says:

    Hi, I am in the process of changing my themes of which one is at, and found yours. Can you please help me with the “more” tag or […] in your Pork & Beans template and missing in Agency template? I would like to change […] into a text and make it clickable. Thanks in advance for the help.

    the “more” tag is not supported in p&b or agency. i use a function that cuts off the posts and strips out the “more” tag.

    Thanks for the help, i resolved the special character issue. But i have another problem: how could I change the font size of the post’s title in the slider? The title visualized on the image.

    I tried to touch the feature.css, but I didn’t managed to risolve anything.


    go to header, look for

    $('#featured .info h2').css({
    'font-size' : 50,
    'lineHeight' : 70

    Bob says:

    Hi Federico,
    How did you fix the special character issue ?


    hulya says:

    Can you tell how you’ve handled character issue to us who are suffering from font problem, please?

    the problem of Latin characters is fixed by replacing the file in:

    for this:


    oft says:

    For some reason, I can not get any pictures to load into the prettyPhoto lightbox. The titles from the last four posts within the category is loading but the pictures will not. I looked for a readme file but did not find one. Also, how does one change the font color on the right hand side of the lightbox from the green to something else

    thanks for your support and help in advance,

    Dave says:

    Great theme! I love your work. I noticed though that isn’t working. I went through the usual disabling plugins etc. to rule things out, and it still wouldn’t work. Then, using my default set up, I activated the 2010 theme and pagination worked fine. Not sure if that’s a theme issue or not, but I thought I would give a heads up. Again, great work!

    Dave says:

    Sorry, I had a brain fart and didn’t realize the code would be stripped from the post. The !–nextpage– code isn’t working.

    Theme downloader says:

    I figured out the problem to my first question, can you help me to my second ?

    Theme downloader says:

    how can i make for thumbnail to not show into the posts?

    Evert time I set the feature picture for any post, the thumbnail appears on the first page near the post excerpt…(can i automate that all pics to all post appear automat?)

    Escort says:

    im not download.?

    Theme downloader says:

    hi, can i edit the theme to my own needs? and can i delete the logo from the head?

    sure. please keep the footer credits.

    wibe46 says:

    great job on this theme.
    I’ve a problem…I’m a french user and I would use letters like this : É, È
    I just have a problem with the font used (this type of letters are not supported) int slide, sidebar title and post title. So i tried to change this font but I can’t.
    Thanks if you are able to help me.

    I’m an Italian blogger, I also would like to use special character such as: è, ò, à, ” ‘ “. There is any way to do this?

    i believe that’s a limitation in the font being used. you would have to take it off cufon to support such characters.

    How can I do it? Where are the informations about the font?

    wibe46 says:

    When cufon is turned off, there is a problem with the slide.
    May I just change the font…in cufon ?

    Yes you can but u nd to generate a new cufon font.

    Rock says:


    This is one of the best theme!

    However, I am facing one problem. How do you add a “read more” tag?

    and is there any way to change the post date to the actual day and month?


    the read more tag won’t show in the home page.

    Mavo says:

    Hi Mike,
    Great theme writing from Kenya- Africa. How do I insert my logo in place of the ‘AGENCY’-Special Them for Word Press?
    (Asante – meaning Thank You)

    you have to replace the image in the image folder.

    maroof says:

    which image folder… i need to replace the logo from agency to my logo. please give me the ” for dummies ” explaination. thanks for the wonderfull theme..

    Alex says:

    Hello very nice theme, I added it to a new post in my blog. Cheers, Alex.

    ChaosGeek says:

    Hi, great THEME!

    Is there a way to use 4 custom slides. Not the slides from categories. Just 4 Images and some text on the right Slide nav?

    there is a way, you just need to dissect the feature section to use static images as supposed to pulling posts. instructions are a bit too long to post here.

    Ernesto says:

    Great look and feel. Just what I was looking for…
    Thanks Michael for this beautifull piece.

    I have a rookie question. Is there a way of disabling the thumbs from the top of posts, and still be able to have functionality in the featured gallery at the home page?

    Which php file do I have to edit?

    Thanks for everything,


    the thumbs are the same images used inside the featured gallery. you can edit the files: home.php and index.php and take out the following lines of code:

    if ( function_exists( 'add_theme_support' ) && has_post_thumbnail()){
    the_post_thumbnail(array(170, 80));

    Ernesto says:

    Thanks Michael… will work on that later… the theme works great!

    Did these two today with agency:

    Maranda says:

    Thanks so much for this, just getting started but I love it. The lightbox is a gorgeous addition, so slick.

    Mindanaoan says:

    I LOVEEE THIS THEME!!! Using it now! Thank you so much for sharing your talents!

    Incredible work, I’m sharing this with my followers!

    michael says:

    is there a way of adding links to the small ads on the side panels? Thank you Michael for helping me fix my slideshow.

    yes – the ads are in files “sidebar-left.php” and “sidebar.right.php”. simply edit the html.

    ??? says:

    I like this template but I have a problem: do not display the titles of “Polish characters (ą, ć, ź, etc.). Can you help me?

    *If you want the slideshow to display just the most recent 4 posts – without any category filtering, open feature.php and look for this code:

    $my_query = new WP_Query('category_name=' . $myCat . '&showposts=4');

    and replace with this:

    $my_query = new WP_Query('showposts=4');

    michael says:

    Thanks a lot Michael & please be patient with me. i have done that but still nothing has changed, here is a screen shot of the changes i made: , my url: , there is still nothing on the slideshow.

    Thank you for your time

    michael says:

    hi, thank you for such a nice theme, i have uploaded it on my site, fine, i have also managed to activate the post thumbnails, the problem i’m having is activation the featured content slideshow. please help and thank you for your assistance.

    you have to open the file “feature.php” and edit something:
    Under “Appearance” > “Editor“, on the right hand side, click “feature.php”
    inside the box in the middle – look for the code:

    $myCat = 'featured';

    change the word ‘featured’ into your desired category *in between the quotes.
    hit “Update File

    here is a screenshot:

    Dylan says:

    Awesome theme! Thanks so much for making this available to the WordPress community.

    TupaJe says:

    Thanks for sharing the credits. I found it to be very helpful.

    Alex says:

    Hey man,
    this is A-bomb !

    Thanks, cheers. ;))

    wow, really nice theme…thx.

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