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Published: Feb 02, 2011

Maximum WordPress theme spans the full width of the browser – something you don’t see very often. It also loads fast, due to the limited use of images. I feel the WordPress users might look for a theme that’s different, one that’s pretty and one that’s fast. Please check out the demo for Maximum:

The Holy Grail

So I thought it was easy to have three columns, with both sidebars static widths; while the center column is the only one that expands according to the browser. Boy I was wrong – I couldn’t figure it out for the life of me! And through some serious searching I finally discovered “the Holy Grail” – from A List Apart. The funny thing is – I’m probably one of the last ones to find this “sacred” code. Thanks to Matthew Levine’s article – I achieved my layout.

Breadcrumbs, Buttons and CSS3

I started to implement my own breadcrumb function – but discovered Dimox’s solution – was far more complete. I needed a breadcrumb navigation that doesn’t require a plugin and Dimox did the job very well. Zurb’s Super Awesome buttons are what’s styling all the buttons in Maximus. You should notice the resemblance for each button – with only the base color that is different from one another.

Lastly, I’ve adopted quite a few CSS3 techniques from all over the net. From box shadows, text shadows and overlays – all contribute to the visual effects of Maximum.


I hope you find good use for Maximum. I did enjoy experimenting and discovering new ways of doing things. I imagine this type of theme would suit the serious content writers (ones who need all the real estate they can get). It may also be used for ecommerce, or “wiki” types of layouts – who knows. If you do decide to use it, don’t forget to leave your url in the comments section below! Happy Blogging!

You can download Maximum theme files from this link, and find additional documentation from these series of posts.

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37 thoughts on “Free full width WordPress Theme with lots of features – Maximum

    I shop says:

    I use this theme, it is cool theme, i really like it very much.

    ayip says:

    nice theme, thank’s for sharing, keep good work. once again, thank’s

    Ivan says:


    Please can you tell what i need to do that each post is in separate thumbnail ? not all posts in one big thumbnail.
    Which file i need to edit and what i need to type ?

    Thank you !!!

    use ‘featured image’ for each post.

    Ivan says:

    Thank you ! 🙂

    Please can you tell me one more thing, I see that all posts are in one main-container , can you please tell me how can i modify and which file in theme that each post is in each container separately ?

    Thank you !!!!

    you’d have to shift things around in the html. that may be some work – look in index.php and see the divs that need to be moved around.

    Claude says:

    Hi, great template, i was desperatly searching for something with a full page width, cause i always had some bugs, and was glad to find yours !
    I rebuilt most of it to fit the design i wanted, you can see it here: . It’s not quite finished, but it works.
    The only problem i have is to find the menu html code, it automatically adds the pages in it, but i can’t add one manually ? where is it hidden please ? 😀

    you got a beautiful site there. the menu supports wp menu – meaning you can add your own pages / links manually – read :

    Claude says:

    Wow, thanks, I was afraid to break everything by using wp menus but it works great. Thank you for the template, the link, and for the reply !

    I see the featured slider under the settings and click the box in my page/post. What am I missing? How do I get it to show up?

    Thank you

    Chris says:

    Hi love the template think its by far one of the best ive used for wordpress, i do have a problem i hope you can help with though.
    Im using bbpress plugin when i click on a topic i get the following error message:
    Catchable fatal error: Object of class WP_Error could not be converted to string in /*****/****/****/wp-content/themes/maximum/functions.php on line 73
    Ive looked it up and its somthing to do with theme not respecting posts without catagories??? according to anyway.. how do i get round this as cannot specify a catagory for posts?


    its most likely the breadcrumbs. whats your url

    Chris says:

    I have it on localhost at the moment, i get this error message when i use either a script called ada for wordpress or bbpress, it calls the same line 73, saying that there is an error because there is no catagory selected though in a forum you cannot choose a cat and also the ada script doesnt use them,

    Ken says:

    Hello ..this s really a wonderful site. Iove the look and feel. The only problem I have is that I have several subpages to input under my titles for example under “Internet Marketing Gurus” When I land my mouse cursor over it..there is a drop down of the sub page of for example ” Bruce Berman”..How do i remove that or stop that from happening…Thanks!!

    PSDGUY says:

    Very nice theme. I just installed it on my new site and once i am finished customizing it I will show you how it came out.
    Great Work,

    Browser says:

    Hi, I am really impressed – really great theme but I would like to make some modifications.
    1. Hm it loads really quickly, but I have problems with performance – when I scroll it down it looks laggy. Any solution for that? (with other themes I don’t have these problems – I tried on 2 sites, because I thought that the problem is big content – but it’s not).

    I want to erase the “Consectetur Adipisicing”, “Join Our Email List” and “Just a White Box”. Same thing with the telephone number at top right corner. What can I do to remove them or edit them? I found the latin text, I erased it and it reappears. Also, I want to remove something in the sidebar (right) and it doesn’t work. Can you help me ? I will certainly donate to you when my page is ready to work fine. Have a good day,

    the join our email list etc should be in the files: r_sidebar.php and sidebar.php. the telephone number is in header.php. go under “appearance” > “editor” > select the file from the right side (the ones i mentioned), and edit the code.

    Alex says:

    Beautifull made. I like the “simplicity” and direct approach, although I have one question and maybe can someone help me with it.
    I “seperated” the header and footer part and gave the “body” a fixed width. Yes some will say..duh so why you use this theme…but I did because I like it..ugh.. .anyway.
    I want to have a background (img in 3 parts) for the “body”section. The top and bottom works as a charm but I can’t manage the “middle” without giving it a min or max height. It has probably to do with the way of information input, but is it doable at all or totally not?
    Looking forward for a solution.
    Thanks in advance and again..awesome theme it is!

    eddie says:

    How can I make this theme a fixed width anchored to the center of the screen the way most themes are? I’ve tried and tried to mess with the style sheet but every time I change one thing, I need to change everything else and I can’t get the positioning right.

    Alex says:

    Maybe u add this in the css:
    #wrapper {
    max-width: ***px; /* here the width you want for width */
    margin: 0 auto;

    And this: directly after in your header.php, and just above in your footer.php>
    I could be wrong but thats one way to do imho.

    Alex says:

    Sorry part missed of msg…it should be:
    And in your header.php the: directly after . And the closing div in your footer.php just before the .

    Good luck, if the code isnt showing here now then ask Michael because he doesnt want code inhere for whatever reason?! If so, Michael please remove my comments to Eddy becuase without the code my responce is senceless.

    Hey thats awesome ,i already did with these cool items ,i am satisfied with your design,however thanks.keep it up.

    Felix says:

    It is not that difficult, following in your css file: #wrap { widht:960px; margin: 0 auto;} and in your header file directly after the body tag a line with a div called wrap. In your footer close this div just before the closing body tag.

    eddie says:

    how do I get the email opt in code to actually work? Whenever I fill it out and hit “go”,it does nothing at all. Is it just for looks?

    that form is just for looks.

    matt says:

    Question, If I post an Image the size of the container…when I switch resolutions to a lower resolution/smaller resolution..the image gets cut off…is there a way to have the images autoresize when a resolution is switched? reason I am asking is because peolpe use multitude of screen resolutions. it would be helpful..Thanks!

    it is possible – but it would have to be done through javascript.

    Stu says:

    Hi, I am unable to edit the Widgits for “Consectetur Adipisicing”, “Join Our Email List” and “Just a White Box”. These widgits do not appear in the Widgit editing area. Also not able to edit telephone number at top right corner. What can I do to remove them or edit them? Thank you.

    sorry Stu – those are actually hard coded in the sidebar and the header. open header.php / sidebar.php and you should see the codes.


    Really like this theme but im unable to configure it correctly , can some one help me do it ? intalled the theme but its half done

    what more do you need configured – it looks fine to me.

    Towanda says:

    For some reason I couldn’t comment on the actual Aparatus theme post, so I will ask here. I recently downloaded and installed the Aparatus theme (Thank you much for such an awesome free theme).
    I have tried to figure this out myself, but my coding is limited. On the main page at the end of the excerpt where it lists the author of the post and the number of comments, is there any way to link whatever number is there to the comments form for that post. That way if someone wants to jump directly to the comments, they can link there from the home page?
    Please let me know if there is a way to do this. I really appreciate it!

    Kiran says:

    Hi this one of the best theme. Load speed is awesome and really i like the layout. Thank you for the awesome theme.

    Andrea says:

    Awesome theme, really like it. Just loaded it onto one of my newer blogs and will begin to experiment. Just wondering how to amend the top left box, email part and the top right phone number etc? Thanks

    Vineeth says:

    Awesome ! nice shift

    Brendan says:

    Thanks! Great theme! I have been searching forever for something that displays a ton of content, but looks good too!

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