Five Steps To Creating A Successful Sales Strategy

Published: Oct 22, 2017

Sales are the lifeblood of your business, so focusing on achieving more sales should be a no-brainer. Unfortunately, many business owners mistakenly believe that focusing on sales means advertising more and hiring a few slick salespeople. However, to really boost your sales, you will need to develop a sales strategy.

A sales strategy is designed to increase the number of sales that your business generates, which helps it become more successful. It guides the efforts of your sales team by defining sales goals and laying out a comprehensive plan for reaching those goals.


A sales strategy will include guidelines that can be followed by the sales team in order to increase the number of sales they produce, sales targets, sales priorities, and much more. Having this information on hand can greatly improve how effective your sales team is.

This guide will share five simple tips for creating a successful sales strategy. These tips will help your business develop an excellent sales strategy that improves the success of your business.

Assess how your business has been performing.

Before writing a new sales strategy, it’s important to take a closer look at how your business has been performing up to this point. By assessing your business’s current sales, you will be able to identify any issues that your business is currently facing, along with a few useful opportunities. The information that you gather at this stage will help you create a new sales strategy with the right sales targets and procedures. Take a look at your sales figures while thinking about questions like:

  • How many items did you your business sell last year?
  • How did you sell most items? Was it over the internet or through walk-ins at your store?
  • Who were the best salespeople and how much did they sell?
  • Which kinds of clients were the easiest to sell to?
  • Which clients brought in the least and the most profit?
  • Are there any product or service lines that have seen massive sales growth?
  • How likely is it that you will reach revenue targets for the next quarter? What are your revenue targets?
  • Where is the most logical place to look for sales growth given current trends?
  • Does your sales team require additional support? Are there any technological hurdles they are struggling with?  

Develop a customer profile.

Selling products or services becomes much easier if you have some insight on your prospective customers. The more you know about your customers, the more you can tailor your marketing and sales strategies to suit them.  

One easy way to identify the types of customers who are inclined to buy your products or services is to analyze repeat customers. You can use questionnaires to learn more about those customers and find out why they love your products or services. This information will help you develop new sales techniques that target consumers in this demographic.  

Set clear goals and keep them updated.

A sales strategy needs to have clear goals to be achieved within specific time frames. These goals will help you measure your success, maintain focus, and develop new sales techniques. Goals that businesses often add to their sales strategies include:

  • Improving the number of leads converted into sales by a certain percentage in the next quarter and next year
  • Increasing the total number of sales by a dollar figure or percentage
  • Increasing sales to certain types of clients by a certain percentage
  • Increasing sales of a specific series products by particular amount

All goals should be SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Timebound). This will ensure the chance that your business can actually take action on them and obtain excellent results.

Make use of sales strategy consulting services.

One of the easiest ways to ensure that your sales strategy is on the right track is to use sales strategy consulting services. A strategy consultant will help you develop a sales strategy that is effective and simple to understand. They will ensure that your sales strategy:

  • Has well defined goals that are appropriate for your business
  • Has well developed sales techniques for employees to follow
  • Is clear, concise, and easily understandable by your sales staff
  • Has the appropriate level of customer research and much more

With expert advice, using sales strategy consulting services can take the guesswork out of writing any sales strategy.

Use clear strategies that employees can follow.

Your sales strategy should have practical techniques and processes for your sales team to follow. This should include:

  • An outline of how your sales funnel (the buying process for customers) works
  • Practical strategies that a salesperson can use to convert leads more effectively
  • Information about products and services that a salesperson can draw upon
  • Effective sales pitches that your sales team can use repeatedly

The sales strategy should also explain how sales targets align with the techniques and processes. This will give your team the guidance it requires.

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