Customize Resolution Theme Options

Published: May 19, 2012

Resolution theme is equipped with theme options – so that its easier for you to customize. Note that changes beyond the options will require you to edit the actual code. To change the logo in the header and the small logo in the footer – you have to check this post.

Change the Header Background:

You can change the default praying mantis background that comes with the theme. What you need is an image that is 980 pixels wide and 314 pixels high. You can either use a remote image, or upload one into your server. Either way – you need the url for your image. So if you’re uploading – go to Media > Add New, Select Files and navigate to your image. In our example below, we’re using an image called “hippo.jpg”:

upload an image

Once uploaded, copy the value in the field “File URL” (shown above). Then go to Appearance > Resolution Options and paste the url in the Image Url field:

image url

Click “Save Changes” and see your changes.

Customize the Header Slogan:

The slogan right below the logo can be customized through the options panel. Simply go to the Appearance > Resolution Options and enter your desired text in the field that says “Slogan“.


Note that the slogan is only shown in the homepage – where the header is extended. Also, there’s a 24 character limit.

Change the Footer Text

The footer text right underneath the small logo in the footer area can also be changed through the control panel.

footer text

To edit, go to Appearance > Resolution Options and enter a value in “Footer Text”.

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6 thoughts on “Customize Resolution Theme Options

    Black says:

    How to use this theme with the infinite-scrolling plugin?

    Nick says:

    When I create my logo at the pixel count specified in the theme options, it still looks gritty at 72 dpi. Any clues? Also, how do I create a default “Home” button like you have on the demo that navigates back to the home page? And why do your selected page buttons maintain the “indented/selected” look when selected?

    michael says:

    you mean the dimensions? for resolution theme its: 187 * 183.

    Nick says:

    Yeah, but how many dots-per-inch? And what about the other questions?

    CptNerd says:

    So, do I have to show a logo? Apparently if I leave it blank it defaults to your logo, but I don’t want to display a logo at all. Also, your menu admin page doesn’t look anything like the one I get.

    michael says:

    Yes – i defaulted to the theme logo. the menu admin should be the wp menu system (appearance > menus) the theme supports 3 menus.

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