24 Creative Websites Running on SquareSpace – Part 2

Published: Aug 06, 2013

When I first encountered Squarespace, I immediately fell in love with the creativity of the templates that are available for their customers. I even wrote an article about it about a year and half ago. Now that I’m doing another round up, I cannot help but fall in love all over again.

Several things to note: All Squarespace templates are now responsive. This means that they will look good no matter what the viewer’s screen resolution is. A more modern and simplistic set of templates have replaced the old ones. They now have a stronger focus on typography, high-quality images (large backgrounds) along with nice grid-based layouts. If you haven’t tried Squarespace, I recommend that you see for yourself.

Below is a showcase of 24 beautiful websites running on Squarespace:

Molly Jacques Illustration

The logo alone will get you. The master illustrator picked Squarespace template “Avenue” to power her portfolio. Minimal yet classy.



This example uses the “Peak” template. Bright and warm colors, good type and subtle textures for the background. The call to action buttons are especially effective and highly visible.



An example of large imagery for the background. I like the use of transparent overlays as well as subtle font combinations. This Squarespace site uses the “Aviator” template.


Kathryn Ingall Photography

Let your work speak for itself. The “Ishimoto” template is very minimal – ideal for photographers such as this example.


Wet Desert Expeditions

Left justified navigation, large backgrounds as well as strong type as the title. Looks like an introduction of a movie. Very nice.


Salvage Solutions

I believe this example uses the “Avenue” template. Once again, minimal and grid based. Ideal for artists and studios alike. The focus is in your work – where it should be.


Scout Visual

Simple and sweet. A strong sense of balance, once again – large imagery is used as the header. I like this template “Peak” – so many possibilities.



I’m sure you see bareness. But bare is sometimes good. Especially when the product is at focus. This is the case with this website.


Matthew Cooper

Very good play with font combinations with this example. I especially enjoyed the video being at the center of the page.



A template called “Devlin” is used for this car website. Straight solid lines, center aligned and well-balanced.


Home of Middle-earth

Beautiful overlays. Of course one cannot miss the nice scenery of the background. The typographic effects works well too.


Lake Community Church

Good variation of the template “Peak”. Nice grid based layout and header background. The font selection is good as well.


shopify bannerblank
Cornell Crème

I like large images as backgrounds – but I think this one could have been centered better. Nevertheless, the logo, typography, spacing and colors all work in harmony.


Ryan Romero

A bit refreshing to see a black background website nowadays. This website is real simple – yet, quite appealing.


Pat Blute

Ah, gorgeous scenery. Works well with the script-like typography. I especially like the warm tones and good feeling that you get while viewing this template.


Indian Gardens

I believe this restaurant website uses the “Marquee” template. Nice logotype and color scheme. Very professional.


Lucia Balcazar

This artist doesn’t need a strong design for her template. That is why this minimalist theme “Flatiron” works very well with her showcase.



Clean and simple. This traditional layout works with almost any type of website. Good photography and messaging completes the package.


Robbie Shackelford

Look what you can do with the template “Adirondack”. Combined with artwork as the header – it becomes alive. This shop is definitely one of my favorites.



It is one of those sites that once again, the focus is on the featured work. The “Ishimoto” template scrolls through your images horizontally – a bit of change.


Buck & Libby

Cute and girly – I’m sure is the desired effect. Very simple, subtle and soft and cuddly – all of those things.



A different variation of the “Adirondack” template. I like the strong orange accent colors. The photography works well too.


Clayton Summers

Very unpredictable this website is. The blog content is very spontaneous and random. The food images are good. The feeling of delicious and “expensive” comes to mind.


Ace of Sales

Good vector shapes, dashed lines and color schema. Very good customized version of the template “Takk”.


You should really try Squarespace

So what do you think of the examples above? I seriously think that Squarespace templates – are among the best that I’ve seen. Judging by these websites, I’m sure that you can get a very good looking page up in no time. Squarespace offers a pricing structure that is just about the same as getting a web host and doing it yourself. So if I wasn’t a web designer, and I needed a website – Squarespace is definitely the way to go. Give Squarespace a try today!

This article is written by Michael Soriano. Michael is a Front End Developer based in La Crescenta California. He specializes in CSS, JavaScript and UI. When not developing sites, Michael likes to play handyman and wrestles his kids.