Why Today’s Companies Should Establish an Inclusive Hiring Policy

Published: Aug 28, 2019

If there is one thing which has become quite apparent within the past few years is the spirit of divisiveness that has somehow pervaded our culture. From the workplace to home to social media, it seems as though everyone is more comfortable with pointing out their differences than finding a mutual meeting grounds, things they can agree on.

When it comes to running a business, it’s imperative to work together as a team. Have you ever wondered if there is something management could have done to prevent divisive disruptions that are becoming more and more frequent? Perhaps it all starts with the hiring process.

Creating an Inclusive Company Culture

One of the things you can do is add stipulations to a hiring packet. If you make it perfectly clear that there is no place in the workplace for political tensions, religious bias, ethnic biases, then you have more control over how you respond to issues.

However, even with that being said, it’s imperative that you understand that company culture starts from the top on down and has a trickle effect when it comes to divisiveness.

Setting the Precedence

As you can see, the role of management is critical in establishing an inclusive company culture. What you might want to consider is expanding your knowledge of business administration as it pertains to inclusion.

It might mean going back for that coveted master’s in business administration, MBA, with a focus on the need for inclusion in today’s business environment. Schools like Suffolk University offer graduate degrees which you can typically take completely online without the need to leave your job to attend classes on campus.

As one of the top rated graduate schools in the country, Suffolk University Online in Boston can give you the foundation you need to promote an inclusive company culture that leads to growth in this multicultural world in which we all live and work.

One Global Community

That leads to what is perhaps the biggest reason for establishing an inclusive hiring policy. Within just the past few decades it has become increasingly evident that we are living in a global community.

With the Internet, air travel, and bi-lateral trade agreements pervasive in business today, people are becoming more and more ‘transient.’ We are no longer separatists living in countries with borders.

Yes, there is nationalism, but if you were to take a look at the average social page, you’d see that most people have friends and followers from literally every corner of the world. Isn’t it unfortunate that they can’t bring this spirit of acceptance into the workplace?

Now that you understand that cultural diversity starts from the top and works its way down as well as setting clear expectations during onboarding, you have a direction in which to move.

It may mean going back for advanced leadership training when studying for an MBA, but at the end of the day, your company will benefit immensely. There is no room for divisiveness in the workplace, and since you are the leader or a member of the leadership team, you need to understand that the buck stops here.