Create a Backup of your WordPress site – the Faster Way

How you should take your WordPress website backup? Do you have this question? Here is the faster and rock solid solution to your question. This will be a step by step guide to help you completely backup your website. Why you need a website backup? Do you really need to put an extra effort in […]

December 10, 2016

Mustache.js- the Javascript templating system you can't miss

Website development involves the execution of different tasks; both simple and complex. If your website project expects you to manage small chunks of data, followed by having two separate views for the same data; a logic-less template is what you need. Mustache.js is one such fantastic and thoroughly resourceful template system that is both easy […]

September 20, 2015

A comprehensive tutorial on using single var pattern in JavaScript

The flexibility of JavaScript makes it one of the finest programming languages to date. Eliminating the need for following traditional sets of programming conventions, JavaScript serves as a dynamic language that continues to amaze developers. One of the best utilities available with JavaScript is the convenience of creating any type of variable, anywhere within the […]

August 2, 2015

Fix for the Twitter Feed in the Aparatus Sidebar

Several users had mentioned that the Aparatus sidebar tweet has stopped working. I investigated and it turns out that it had something to do with Twitter, it’s API versions conflicting of some sort. I revised some of the code and the results are below. Update 9-2013 – Twitter now require an API key for this […]

October 14, 2012

Setting the Theme Options for Realty

Realty theme has some basic options that can make you customize the theme faster without having the need to edit HTML. This includes changing the logo, background, messages and more. Continue reading below to find out how this is done. You can access the theme options by going to “Appearance” > “Realty Options”. Header Settings […]

August 20, 2012

Setting the Photographer Theme Options

The Photographer theme is equipped with theme options that will help you customize your site with ease. Before continuing, make sure that you have set up the homepage template – by following the instructions in this post. The home page template is what you see in the demo area shown below: To access the theme […]

July 22, 2012

Turn your Posts into a Photo Gallery

The Photographer theme supports 3 photo gallery layouts for your posts. This is different from the gallery WordPress has by default. The process is almost identical, but instead of “inserting” a gallery inside your posts – all you do is upload multiple photos – and that’s it. Continue reading for more information: Uploading Photos Start […]

July 1, 2012

Additional Theme Options for Rotary

The Rotary theme has a couple of additional options that you can configure via the theme admin. This is the “Testimonials” and “Who we are” section in the home page. Simply go to Appearance > Rotary Options, and you should see a couple of text area input fields that contain default latin text. Simply enter […]

June 24, 2012
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