10 Tips and Strategies Photographers Can Use to Impress Clients

Gaining new clients can be challenging when you’re an independent photographer doing all of your own marketing and promotion. This is why it’s so important to leave lasting impressions that encourage repeat business. Of course, the quality of the service you provide is paramount, but here are more ways to make a name for yourself […]

November 21, 2018

Free Grid-based WordPress theme with multiple photo gallery options – Photographer

We were looking for a good WordPress theme for photos. We wanted one that is easy to operate, one with a bit minimalistic layout, and one that takes no time to configure. Although we did find some good ones in the themes section in WordPress.org, we wanted to come up with our own. We present […]

February 16, 2013

Setting the Photographer Theme Options

The Photographer theme is equipped with theme options that will help you customize your site with ease. Before continuing, make sure that you have set up the homepage template – by following the instructions in this post. The home page template is what you see in the demo area shown below: To access the theme […]

July 22, 2012

Turn your Posts into a Photo Gallery

The Photographer theme supports 3 photo gallery layouts for your posts. This is different from the gallery WordPress has by default. The process is almost identical, but instead of “inserting” a gallery inside your posts – all you do is upload multiple photos – and that’s it. Continue reading for more information: Uploading Photos Start […]

July 1, 2012

Setup the Home Page Template

Most CMS style themes require you to apply a special home page template for the front page of your site. This is necessary because by default, WordPress would like to pull your latest posts and display it in the front page. A custom page template bypasses this behavior and turns your front page – into […]

May 19, 2012

How to Add Post Thumbnails to your Posts

Depending on which theme you’re using, post thumbnails are set to show up in the index pages, or most of the time – in the single post pages. Adding a post thumbnail to your post is really easy. Simply follow the steps below: Go to each post in “Edit” mode. In the right side of […]

May 18, 2012