Building a Strong Title IX Defense to Avoid Harming Your Higher Education Experience

Published: Oct 09, 2021

Have you been charged with misconduct by your college or university? If you Title IX will impact your situation. That is why you may want to hire the best nationwide Title IX defense lawyer with experience defending other students who were in your situation before. If you are facing discipline for misconduct, you could be dismissed from your school. This could interrupt your course of study and harm your reputation. And apart from the disciplinary investigation, you could also face a criminal investigation or even prosecution. This makes it important to come up with strong defense strategies.


The Impact of a Title IX Accusation on Your College Experience

While Title IX is meant to protect students in academic pursuits, this law can seriously affect the career and future of a student accused of misconduct under the law. For instance, you could face disciplinary action in school for any sexual contact with another that took place without the consent of the person. In addition, you could face punishment for your misconduct done outside the campus and with a person not affiliated with the school. 

Moreover, school officials who will investigate and evaluate the allegations do not have training in the law. Because of this, you may not get the due process the law offers and the right to counsel that the justice system gives for criminal defendants. Should be found guilty for the accusation, you could be expelled from your school, suspended for a certain period, lose financial aid, go through academic probation, lose your scholarship and grant, and others. 

Tips to Keep in Mind When Facing a Misconduct Allegation 

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The following are tips to defend yourself when facing Title IX misconduct accusation:

Do not violate the no-contact order. If you have been accused of misconduct in school, you have probably been ordered not to contact your accuser in any way. Make sure you comply with the order. Even if you are just wrongly accused, you must respect this order because violating can harm your position even further. 

Keep talks about your case to your attorney. Although you may want to get support from your friends, they could spread talks about you. This could ruin your possible defense and hurt your reputation even before you can defend yourself against the accusation. To preserve your rights, only talk about your case with your attorney. 

Don’t withhold information from your attorney. If you want your attorney to maximize your defense, you should be willing to tell them everything. Even the smallest details can matter later. Should you come across your accuser on campus or hear people talking about your case, you must let your attorney know about these things.