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Published: Jan 10, 2020

BLAK Private Jets Australia | Sydney Opera House

With another incredible year of international private jet charter wrapped up, we’re excited about what’s waiting in 2020.


New Website Launches

To begin, we have launched our new BLAK Private Jets website. We’ve streamlined the booking experience for a faster, more responsive interface. We’ve also made vital information easier to find and added more details about some of our favourite destinations.  

Strong Growth In Our Primary Regions

New Zealand and Australia continue to grow steadily with trans-Tasman flights between destinations such as Hobart and Queenstown become more of a common occurrence. Both countries hold such magnificent beauty and offer travellers such contrasting experiences from one another, so it is a pleasure to link both nations by private charter.

After recent natural disasters in both Australia and New Zealand, we encourage you to take advise from your respective embassy and then if possible visit both of these countries in the months ahead. Many local communities rely heavily on tourism to sustain their economies.

We have completed several flights in the South Pacific this summer, with private jet charter in Tahiti, becoming more and more popular over recent months. Tourism in the South Pacific is growing exponentially year on year, so we have seen demand rise for more internal flights in Tahiti and also other Pacific Island destinations such as Fiji and Rarotonga.

BLAK – Mediterranean Air Charter Specialists 

The most significant development we are pleased to announce is that we’re expanding BLAK’s global network, launching our services into the Mediterranean in the summer of 2020. 

After completing multiple contracts in London, our founder, Sam Sargent, saw BLAK as being ideally placed to join this market. We’re eager to offer European destinations and stopovers to all our clients in the years ahead. We will be linking all internal hops and international routes into the Mediterranean through our extensive network of approved charter operators.

Until then, happy holidays to everyone from the team here at BLAK, we’re looking forward to furthering your travel in 2020.

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