Best VPS Hosting Providers in 2024

Published: Jul 03, 2020

Best VPS Hosting Providers

When looking to start a website, it can be easy to be lured into the low-cost shared web hosting services. Shared hosting offers little in the way of scalability, and your website is the first introduction clients or customers have to your business. Virtual private server hosting provides more system resources, resulting in a faster website with the ability to scale with the growth of your business.

When looking for a VPS provider, the options can seem almost limitless, and that can be a bit overwhelming. To make the selection easier, we have identified the best options available in 2020. The following selection is based on features, pricing, and performance to create a list of the best overall selection of hosts.

Best VPS Hosting Providers:

A2 Hosting— VPS hosting on A2 provides some of the highest speeds for a website. They use state of the art servers, preconfigured serving caching and SSD storage. A2 Hosting also provides a 99.9% uptime guarantee. They have established an excellent reputation for knowledgeable and friendly support staff, and if you are not satisfied with the service, they offer a refund on any unused service time. If high-end website speed is crucial for your site, A2 Hosting might be the right solution.

GreenGeeks— GreenGeeks opened their virtual doors in 2008, and have been providing eco-friendly hosting solutions since then. Their plans vary, but most include unlimited SSD space and bandwidth, with updated cybersecurity features that are among the best in the business. GreenGeeks stands apart by offering free wildcard SSL, a free shopping cart, CDN, and email. Some, if not all, of those things, are paid upgrades with other VPS hosting sites. GreenGeeks offers a full 30-day refund if you are displeased with their service.

For the environmentally-conscious consumer, GreenGeeks uses energy credits to replace, threefold, the energy used by its data centers. Using GreenGeeks for VPS hosting means supporting green solutions without sacrificing the service, speed, and scalability you need in a VPS host.

Scala Hosting— Scala hosting is a little-known VPS hosting provider that is just making a name for itself in the hosting world. Unlike its competitors, Scala invests in research and development instead of marketing. That explains why they have been around for thirteen years but remain a relatively small company. Scala offers the 99.9% percent uptime guarantee, which is fast becoming the industry standard. Where Scala stands out is that if they violate the guarantee, you can get free hosting credits. Unlike many competitors, Scala accepts your own logs as proof. Many competitors might offer a similar guarantee, but in the fine print, you will find that they only allow their logs, letting the provider decide what counts as an outage.

Scala provides decent speeds, even under heavy traffic. Slow websites don’t last long in the digital arena where consumers now expect near-instant load times. Scala performs impressively when tested against larger VPS hosting services. One note of caution is that though the front-end speeds are impressive, the backend shows some problems. These are usually not a problem in site performance, but something for developers to note.

Bluehost Bluehost stands out as an excellent VPS hosting site for beginners. Bluehost uses an in-house team of developers, continuously improving the more than 80 open source applications. For those who are new to VPS hosting, quality customer support is crucial, and Bluehost has that covered. Given that they are one of the largest hosting platforms on the market, personalized customer service is an impressive feat.

Bluehost provides courtesy backups, and there is no charge for restoration. For those who are new to managing a website, it can be too easy to forget a backup, and restoration can be time-consuming. With Bluehost, the backups are created frequently, and the support team is happy to assist with the recovery. Bluehost ranks high in ease of use, making it one of the best options for those new to VPS hosting.

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Choosing a VPS hosting provider is all about determining what features matter most to your growing business. Though each hosting provider has its pros and cons, GreenGeeks narrowly edges out Scala Hosting as the best all-around provider. Both companies offer above-average speed, reliability, competitive pricing, and security. With GreenGeeks, you get the bonus of supporting their eco-friendly initiatives reflecting well on the carbon footprint of your own business. Customers also rate GreenGeeks customer service a bit higher than that found with Scala Hosting.