The Benefits of Using a Website Builder for Small Businesses

Published: Dec 14, 2018

Getting a website created and maintained is a chore for most small business owners. They don’t know much about website design or management of a site to get the most out of it. It also tends to be overly expensive to use a web design studio.

Website builders are here to help resolve this issue by providing the ability to create a website in minutes and subsequently make changes quickly and easily. No more headaches.

Here are some of the clear benefits of using a website builder for an SME.

No Web Design Knowledge Required

Like most business owners, your expertise is not expressly in the web. You’re focused on the niche or industry where you offer goods or services. The web is just another promotional platform where you can provide useful information to prospective and current customers/clients and hopefully make extra sales.

Website Builder

Using the Webeden site builder, it’s possible to get a website operational in only a few minutes. Being almost effortless for new business users is the goal for any reputable website builder platform. With this goal in mind, everything has been made very simple. There are just a few steps to run through to be able to hit ‘Publish’ and you’re all done.

Adding a video clip, for instance, only requires you to locate the video widget and place it where you wish it to go. Then you add the video link. And hey presto! The video is displayed to visitors of that page. You can add a Google Map for your business location to your ‘Contact Us’ page, and so much more.

Add Multiple Products for Sale in Minutes

Are you selling products? If so, they can be added to your website very quickly with a website builder. There is no programming required or figuring out a complicated setup to just add 20 products.

Website Builder

Once the products are set up on your website, they can be promoted on social media to get the word out. Visitors can also ‘tweet’ about a product that they found beneficial to them or give it a Facebook ‘Like’.

Most site builders offer multiple packages with different limitations on how many products can be added for sale. Customers just select the tier they want and pay an affordable monthly fee.

No High-Priced Web Studio

When using a website builder, as the business owner you avoid the pain of dealing with an expensive web studio. Meeting their team, discussing your requirements, approving design plans and waiting many weeks for the final result is a costly process. Let’s face it – while they’re faffing about, you could have a website already live and be making money. The time that you waste waiting for their designers to finish up means precious sales are being lost, and no small business can afford that.

Depending on the web studio, they also might not have small business clients or clients in your industry. That lack of direct knowledge or appreciation for the unique challenge that your business faces every day means it’s all the more difficult for them to create a design that will work well for your business.

Instead, you can pick out a pre-made design from a series of choices from a website builder which you know from experience suits your audience. It takes much of the guesswork right out of the situation.

As a small business, limiting your risks is important because if you take several wrong steps, your business might not have the time to recover. Using a website builder is virtually a riskless process that’s inexpensive, uncomplicated and delivers a fully-functional website in a matter of minutes. And sometimes they even offer a free domain name ( or .com) too.