Applying for Cherry Hill Medicaid Benefits: How an Attorney Can Help

Published: Apr 04, 2022

If a senior family member suffers from a life-changing health condition, long-term care options will be expensive. The majority of families will apply for Medicaid benefits after a doctor tells them their elderly loved one requires long-term care. However, a lot of people have not prepared for such decisions and this experience can be overwhelming for everyone involved. Consulting with a skilled Cherry Hill medicaid planning lawyer can save families money and offer peace of mind that the need and wishes of their loved ones are met. Read on to learn more about Medicaid and why you need a Medicaid planning lawyer:

Understanding Medicaid

Medicaid is designed to pay for the long-term cost of financially eligible individuals. This federal assistance program is needs-based, so strict financial requirements are in place. Determining a loved one’s eligibility can be complicated due to these requirements but an attorney can help ease the process for them.

Why Hire a Medicaid Planning Attorney?

Trying to navigate the Medicaid application process without an attorney usually leads to some issues and missed opportunities. The following are the reasons hiring a Medicaid planning lawyer makes a lot of sense:

Commitment. A great Medicaid planning attorney takes their duty to clients seriously. They advocate for clients and their best interests. They inform them of law provisions related to Medicaid and answer their questions and their loved one’s questions.

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Expertise. Medicaid planning lawyers have developed the necessary knowledge and experience to give clients professional advice on how to achieve their Medicaid-related goals.

Applying for Medicaid program benefits involves extensive documentation and detailed income proof. With some Medicaid programs, applicants may need to provide proof of assets and years of asset records (usually five years’ worth). Applicants who transfer assets during this period may be penalized, causing their ineligibility for Medicaid benefits. A great attorney is aware of all these issues and can advise clients accordingly. In addition, a knowledgeable lawyer helps clients navigate lock-back periods and spousal refusal risks.

Medicaid planning is not a DIY project. Applying for long-term care under a Medicaid program is not easy. While the majority of people understand the questions they have to answer on the application form, they may not be aware of how these questions will affect their application and what the government wants to know by asking them. To successfully apply for Medicaid benefits, applicants need the knowledge and expertise of a lawyer to help them obtain the best care while protecting their assets. The best attorney to work with helps clients navigate the complex eligibility rules of Medicaid programs.