Ageras Assists Small Business During Time of Need

Published: Oct 13, 2020

Tinder was created with the purpose to make dating easier and more accessible to individuals all over the world. With a simple swipe right or left, you could be matched with a person who the algorithm believed you would fit and who you found attractive based on the photos they shared. It is a fast and easy way to begin dating. It takes away the hustle of having to go out to clubs to meet new people. But what if you could use a system like that in other areas of your life? What if finding an accountant to help with your finances was as easy as Tinder? Well, you no longer have to wonder about it because Ageras is here.

How Does Ageras Work?

Ageras is a company that has been helping provide business owners and accountants customized connections easily, quickly, and efficiently since 2012. In a Tinder-like manner, their service will personally match you with three perfect professionals that are specialized in your needs 100% free of charge. Their goal is to connect customers with qualified, trusted accountants who are experienced and interested in working with businesses like theirs. All you have to do is pick which one you like the best.

How do they match you? Customers need to simply submit the details of the accounting help they are looking for, and Ageras’s personal consultants will handpick three qualified professionals from their broad, nationwide network to provide free quotes. Once the options have been given, each business owner is able to compare accountants within their platform by easily seeing ratings, reviews, and bios.

Helping Business Owners During COVID-19

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, taxes were pushed back in order to give people the time to gather their documents and the information they needed. Many businesses found themselves struggling due to the decrease in sales and their doors having to close for an indefinite amount of time. Large corporations and businesses that had been around for many years, found it easier to stay on their feet during these difficult times.

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However, small businesses have faced the hardest challenges in 2020. The new U.S. Census Bureau of Small Business Pulse Survey is evidence of the large negative effect from COVID-19 for the majority (51.4%) of respondents. Luckily, the passing of the CARES Act and other legislation has provided economic relief by giving aid to eligible businesses. Nevertheless, even with these relief acts, finding an accountant to help navigate uncharted waters in the best way possible in order to receive loan forgiveness and maximize the aid without penalties can be difficult. This is where Ageras can help. They have turned the process of matching the right business with the right accountant into science by providing their services for small businesses at no cost.

These unprecedented times have been scary for business owners as they learned to navigate new rules, new expectations, and new financial challenges. With the help of a company like Ageras, businesses are able to receive support from experienced accountants who can guide them through the newest process.