A brand-new solution for successful luxury rentals

Published: Dec 19, 2019

Today the market of car rental services is overfilled with a variety of companies. The level of competition is truly high and only one with the most reasonable solutions are able to survive and earn the trust of a client.
 When it comes to the hiring of automobiles, there is no more reliable and competent organization than Pugachev Concierge Service

Pugachev Application

The secret of success

The service has been existing for over 5 years and has helped dozens of customers, including wealthy and famous ones, to find the most suitable offers. For more details, one can visit the official website or use a special app possessing the corporation’s name – “Pugachev”.
 The application has been recently released on the App Store and now is available for free. You can download it just in several minutes. In fact is really worth exploring. 

The main functions

The first step in operating the app is the procedure of registration. A new user is able to do it in 3 ways:

  • By e-mail address
  • By phone number 
  • By Facebook 

Generally the overall application is intuitive and well-designed. It will take the shortest interval of time to get used to it. By the way, the company is not only specialized in vehicle rentals. The list of its services is larger and their number is gradually growing:

  • Cars
  • Accommodation 
  • Yachts 
  • Private airplanes 

After the registration is completed a user gets access to all other sections. They are located in the Dashboard at the bottom of the screen. There it is possible to discover the data concerning your previous purchases, news about the auto industry on the page “Entertainment”, the information about your profile in “Your account” section. For any inquiries and questions one may go to “Support” field and get personalized help within some minutes.

Application by Pugachev team

Why people favour “Pugachev”

The choice of services inside the app is imposing. Nevertheless, the system is quite simple and useful. While choosing an item, a client is provided with all the details about it. Reviews, photos and additional descriptions that are necessary to understand the product clearly. If an item’s price is reduced, a “Special offer” badge will notify you about the discounts.

There is also an exclusive privilege to arrange a transfer. You just choose the place and time you want your purchase to be delivered and wait for it without losing your personal time.

How it works

When you have made up your mind about the acquisition, push the “Go to checkout” button. There you will have to fill in the following fields connected with the order:

  • Rentals day number
  • Contact phone number 
  • Delivery address 
  • Additional wishes 
  • A promo code (if you have one) 

At the top of the page the box with a price is placed. It consists of all fees and the cost of the product itself so that you know its final number and be sure about all the financial withdrawals. The last step is to select your payment method. Here are all available ones:

  1. Credit card payment
  2. Debit card payment 
  3. Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin / ETH) 

The app allows to tie your credit card to the service to complete all the future operations in a single click.

This application is your indispensable companion for a trip organization. Sort all the items by rate or by price, get the latest news about discounts, find the most suitable variant for you and book in a several clicks what you have always wanted. All these functions are available in “Pugachev” app for every client.