7 Helpful Advices for New Graphic Designers

Published: Jul 22, 2011

Newbie graphic designers who have recently joined the industry may find it a bit unnerving initially as they try and settle in. For this category of professionals, this blog shares some interesting tips and suggestions that can be utilized to gain a foothold in the working environment.

This is a guest post from Brian Smith. To find out more about Brian, see the bottom of the article. The photo above: “Welcome to Newbie” is by I Like in Flickr.

Most newbie graphic designers face a dilemma of not being able to adjust in the new office environment. This is due to the fact that they need some transition time mentally to do so. Failure in this aspect can hinder their true potential. Some of my own experiences have been translated as tips so that you can easily follow what I am trying to convey:

Advice No. 1:- Respect the experience of your peers

Considering that you have recently moved to a new organization, you need to respect the experience of your peers as well as seniors. Be mindful of the tips and pointers that people working there share with you. These people are more experienced than you and have learned from their mistakes. The best way out is asking them for help in case you feel stuck.



Advice No. 2:- Call your colleagues by name

The best thing that you can do for your colleagues at work is to call them by name. Therefore, it is crucial to remember the names of your peers and coworkers as soon as you can. This will create a positive impression about you in their minds. You can expect your colleagues to treat you with respect and admiration once you call people them by name rather than their designation. This creates a long-term bonding between people, which is crucial for team work.

Advice No. 3:- Don’t feel shy about asking questions

Some newbie graphic designers feel shy asking questions. However, asking questions is perfectly normal and creates a positive impression on your boss rather than the opposite. This helps people think of you as an eager and keen worker. It may happen that you feel that you are dumb asking a question that may seem to have an obvious answer, but the reality is that it helps you clear the confusion that you are in at that moment.

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Advice No. 4:- Learn to coordinate with your team members

Before being a graphic designer employed in an agency, it is possible that you might have been a self-employed graphic designer or a freelance professional. However, now that you are employed in an agency, there is bound to be team effort and team interplay. It is important that you learn to coordinate with your team members and acknowledge the efforts of the other people to coordinate with you.

Advice No. 5:- Tune yourself to accept criticism

While working for an agency, there are bound to be issues and situations. You should tune yourself to accept criticism and avoid being restive and hostile to disagreements. Criticism may sound harsh at the outset; however it has great potential in benignly improving your skills. The opinion of others can be valuable in improving your own skills.



Advice No. 6:- Don’t make enemies at work

Many a times you might feel you need to let off your emotions and by doing so, you might make enemies with someone. However, it’s not to make any enmity with your colleagues or coworkers as it creates a negative impression about you and can ruin your appraisal. Keep good terms and conditions with people around you. You never know when your acquaintance with someone comes in handy at some time in the future.

Advice No. 7:- Share thoughts and ideas

If you hold back on your ideas at your new organization, then chances are that your company could lose out on a good idea that could have been implemented. It’s a bad idea to think that you could feel embarrassed or humiliated if you will share your ideas with your coworkers. On the contrary, any useful idea could end up contributing positive points to your appraisal.

To conclude, just how you chart your future at the workplace depends primarily on yourself. You can nurture your relationships at work with care and be the author of your own success story.

Brian Smith is web designer at a offshore Web design company which provides clean, professional and good looking Web Design Services and deals with the latest web standards.