4 Tips to Help Separate Work and Home Life While Working At Home

Published: May 08, 2020

You may be working from home due to the coronavirus outbreak and wondering how to separate your home life to your work life. The first time you began working from your residence, you discovered plenty of stuff about yourself and that there was lots of time to pursue other interests. For instance, because you don’t have to travel to work, you can oversleep a little bit and make breakfast leisurely. Besides, you are confident that life has become simplified as you can arrange your day as you please.

When some weeks elapse, you find it more and more challenging to differentiate your personal life from your work life. You have mixed the two sides of your life until they look like one. It can get challenging to concentrate on work when there are other activities you can engage in. Also, sometimes you can’t just stop working because work is within your reach. 

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In case you are working from your residence and separating personal life, and work-life has become impossible, these four pointers can come in handy. 

Prioritize Your Calendar

Keep in mind that the first and most critical stage of separating work and home life is prioritizing your schedule. If you haven’t yet created a plan, you can easily do so with a pencil or pen, or even the device you are using at the moment. Write down how your typical day usually is and incorporate both personal and work activities. Are You an Early Bird or Are You a Night Owl?

What if you are an early bird and you prefer getting things done earlier instead of later in the day? In this case, you should plan the day appropriately. Rise between 5 am, and 6 am and begin your day. 

By calling it a day at two or three in the afternoon, this will leave you with lots of time to focus on your family. Simply put, let one part of the day be for work activities and the other for home life. By working nonstop the whole day without following a schedule, you will end up mixing both your personal life and work life.

Set Prompts to Stop Working at Particular Times

As far as working from your home is concerned, this ranks as most crucial in developing a suitable and healthy work-from-home arrangement. Set reminders that will prompt you to stop working on a daily basis. 

By having a particular time when you leave all the work for another day, it will be easier to draw a line between the two lives.

Utilize AN Additional Room in your Home

If you are fortunate to have an office or study at home, ensure that you don’t take your personal life to that room. When you mix the two lives in the office, it is a sure path to an unhealthy pattern. As a person working from home, it is vital to choose the right time to leave the work behind and embrace your home life.

Leave Your Laptop/Work Phone at your Home Office 

In the event you use a different laptop or phone for work, make sure that they always stay in the home office. It is a bad and unhealthy idea to work on your work laptop when you are spending time with your family. By leaving your work devices in the office, you will ensure that there is time for work and time for personal life.

Create a Designated Work Space 

It is perfectly acceptable not to have a home office. Nevertheless, with a little creativity, you can create the ideal place to work from in the home; a place when you are there, everyone will know that you’re working. What if the designated work area is next to the living room? Well, that’s no big deal as long as it doesn’t blend in with the other non-work spaces.

Remove Work Access from your Personal Phone

This is a real challenge, and it requires a lot of willpower. By getting rid of work access from your personal device will give you the freedom to live in the ‘here and now.’ When you set work aside and decide to spend time with the family, it can be very frustrating for your boss to start contacting you. You should focus on interacting with your family and leave work for the next time.


To succeed in working from home, you need to be highly-disciplined, but it is totally worth it. You can get extra time to dedicate to other stuff as there is no commuting. 

Besides, you will have lots of time to sleep, and we all know that you’ll be more productive when you have rested well. When working from home, embrace these four guidelines to draw a line between personal life and work life.

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