4 iPhone Apps Sure to Bring out the Fashionista in Any Technorati

Published: Jan 22, 2012

If you claim to be tech-savvy, you probably pride yourself in having an app to do, basically, anything. However, even the best designers, developers and programmers out there can overlook integrating the newest technologies into things like their own personal sense of style.

This is a guest post from Jane Smith. Find out more about Jane at the bottom of the article.

Every creative and tech professional should not only strive to be up on the latest technological trends, but also should also look like a modern and creative professional. Try out these four apps to take your everyday style from tech geek to creative genius in no time.

1. Snapette

The best thing about Snapette is that it is designed for browsing, or “window shopping,” on your phone. Users take and upload pictures of fashion items they see, and then they tag them on the site. They include the product information, price and where the item can be found.

Screenshot of the Snapette App

Then they share the info with fashion lovers across the globe. You can do searches for particular products or simply browse through the photos and click on items that catch your eye. Try it free here.

2. Style.com

The app version of the Style.com site is a great way to use the latest technology to stay abreast of trends. Whether you want to check out editorials, red carpet shots or runway images, this app has it all.

Style.com's mobile app

The site also covers parties and has a video section with interviews and other behind the scenes footage. Get it free at Style.com.

3. Sephora To-Go

Sephora’s store app is awesome to check out on your own or use while shopping at a Sephora location. You can browse the newest products online, buy them directly from your phone, stay up to date about sales and offers, create a Sephora Beauty Insider account, and check out product reviews by customers.

Sephora's awesome mobile app

When you’re in the store, you can also scan items using the app and gain instant access to product info, reviews and product videos. Try it free here.

4. Beautylish

Beautylish is a makeup and hair app that is the place to go to put the finishing touches on any look. This app was designed for the iPad and has a really cool magazine-style layout, with images blocked together that can be clicked on for tutorials and further views.


Screenshot of the Beautylish website

Users can browse through the latest makeup trends, product reviews, and tutorials. Get it free here.

This is a guest post by Jane Smith from background check. She is a Houston based freelance writer and blogger. Questions and comments can be sent to: janesmth161[at]gmail.com

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