4 Factors that influence Software Development Rates

Published: Oct 28, 2019

Software development is an essential element in software companies. As many businesses demand a short time processes, they ought to maintain very high-quality products. Thus organizations have to look for better strategies that may increase software development rates.

Software production processes vary across development procedures and a framework as it is dependent on several factors. Therefore for an effective product to take place to require to consider those factors. For this particular article, we look at mainly on offshore software development rates as we consider the economic point of view that makes a big impact on productivity.

Several offshore developers, in most cases, fail to understand is the cost involved to do the projects. In fact, what companies must expect is that whenever they are looking for offshore software developers is about 40%-60% of their market price. As we can have a cheap software development team, who can do a recommendable job. The cost should not be lower than $20 per hour, and if it’s lower than that, one should be cautious. Likewise, if too, it’s too high, it doesn’t mean that the team can produce very high quality and efficient products.



It is a very important factor to consider the amount of time that is required to develop software. As most of the developers often count their cash in regard to the time spent. It’s advisable that they work as a team in order to use the least time possible. They can be done by working simultaneously, like coding, programming, and writing.

If the term is fixed amount, it can be done or calculated by days, weeks, or even as months as parties may agree. As it is well understood that offshore software developer is way much cheaper to hire, it is still a very important investment that required so as getting the required standards, quality, and reliability.

No. of developers

In this case, offshore developers can work together on the various tasks on the app. In this case, software development can be done much faster. The only thing you need to consider here is how much time is required, like months, weeks, or years for you to have the software in the market. Therefore you can hire more developers according to your limit constraints. This calls for companies to employ a highly dedicated team, as it’s a service provider. At the same time given a considerable rate.


Just like in any other field, it is very important to consider expertise when choosing offshore software developers. Skills and knowledge are much required in this crucial process. It may include artificial intelligence programmers and others. A company chooses them. They should put in mind that they are paid higher than the rest of the team players.

Whenever a company is out to hire an external or offshore software development panel, they need to bear in mind that the most significant factor is to have a highly qualified software engineer’s specialist who can deliver a high-quality job.


Any business that is run is associated with risks. Some of the requirements may be unclear, miss understood, or some information wasn’t penned down during contract signing. It’s therefore very important that both sides may come into agreement that they may cost share or compensate each other. Incase everything never went down well in software development, it is rational to take responsibility. That is in case of any delays, or any other thing that may come up during the process.

It is very important to consider for any eventuality that may come into play while considering offshore developers. Since they are not the same locality as the mother company, something may happen that may affect the development process. Neither the offshore team nor the mother company was expecting or prepared for. This is then very important to consider and provide some buffer in the amount they intend to use or spend. Through experience, it can be calculated as a certain percentage as the agreement is been signed. This is good as it may come into play and there could be no project delays due to any eventualities.

Other cost offshore software developers may incur. These include hidden costs, licenses. Depending on the various technologies that the company intends or chooses, some may need to be paid for it. This is because a paid product may have high security, high technology special features and may have better results that may be applied as opposed to the free ones. Thus it would be advisable to pay for them.