Magazine WordPress theme with a star review system and wide layout – Gossip

Thinking of running a Wordpress powered magazinge website? Articles in many categories? How about one that has a built in review system? Can you handle unlimited layouts? Gossip is fully responsive – extra wide layout theme that will make your website stand out of the ordinary. Keep up with this massive space filler – where your content fills the viewer’s screen. Colors are plenty, fonts are good and functionality is well thought off.

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The first thing you will notice about Gossip is it’s extra wide page layout. It spans a crazy 1440 pixels – which looks real good in a wide screen display. Gossip as mentioned is ideal for large content serving websites – with plenty of high quality post images. The use of space is also very well done. I especially like the gutter spacing for each element – which enables the content to “breathe” well.


I cannot help but also notice the beautiful styling of the calendar widget in the sidebar, tags and search bar. One thing out of the ordinary that makes this WordPress theme special is the menu system. You will see the different color for every element. When the screen is resized, the same menu stays intact, while the rest of the page elements adapt to the dimensions beautifully.


In the single pages I cannot help but notice a review / star rating template that blends well with the theme. This comes very useful for all you review buffs. The accompanying author section also will come in handy for multi author websites. The comments section matches the rest of the theme – all of them very well designed.


If you’re looking for a different kind of WordPress theme – one that is apart from your average design. One that is flat, colorful, loud – yet very contained. A “Funky Magazine theme” it claims, then Gossip is it.