WordPress Theme for artists, photographers and fashion – Core

There are plenty of photographer templates out there, but none that has a homepage like Core. Core’s unique homepage layout, specialized fonts, custom portfolio sections is a real treat to the eye. If you’re thinking of an elegant way to showcase your photographs and stand out from the crowd. Ideal for fashion blogs, fashion designers and artists – who would like that extra ordinary layout.

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Core has and exceptionally unique homepage. Let’s examine it a bit. See how the entire page is taken by this awesome layout. The focused artwork is enlarged a bit, bringing the reader’s eye to it all the more. I especially like the reflection effect of all images – gives it that 3d feel to it.


The scrolling works even with your mouse wheel, as well as click. Keep in mind that this template also works with videos.

Portfolio and Blog sections

I fell in love with the use of extra large fonts – as the page title for the portfolio section. Nice placement of thumbnails and good use of lightbox techniques for the items.


As for the blog section, it is refreshing to see a left justified layout – something you don’t see that often nowadays. Again, the use of all uppercase fonts is a good touch. I like the simple sidebar and the small icons. Overall design works.