A Dark WordPress theme to display your awesome Photos – ePhoto

This theme was built for the sheer pleasure of displaying your photos as well as blog about them. A dark armor protecting your material. Your work of art enclosed in this sleek shell. ePhoto is sure to thrill your viewers, turning them into loyal fans. Traditional, clean and beautiful – give ePhoto a shot.

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I’m sure you won’t miss the custom slider in the homepage of this theme. Note that these are actual posts that are driven from your blog. In other words, you enter them the same way as you would any other blog posts.


Serious photographers need a serious website. And without a photo gallery, your website won’t convey your work at all. ePhoto’s got you covered with a gallery nicely placed right below the slideshow. The demo just does the theme right – with nice vivid imagery right against that dark textured background.


Give the thumbnails a hover and you see the details that went in to the user experience. Give it a click and the preview of the image is presented in a pop up like window called a lightbox. Let’s move on to the rest of the pages.


What I especially like is the archive pages – how each thumbnail is floated to the left of our blog posts – sort of like a magazine article. This gives the readers a quick glimpse of the piece you’d be talking about. Of course, when clicked – takes you to the single article page with the full details along with the ability to open discussions with the comments area.


Finally, as your content grows – your footer will become like the demo. Again you’ll see beautiful thumbnails all across the board. The post title is automatically limited – so the alignment is just right. Note the bright blue meta data for your articles, along with small icons and awesome color schematics.

Once again, the designers from Elegant themes have done an outstanding job with yet another powerful WordPress theme. It may be targeted for Photographers – but I see it can be used for restaurant menus, graphic designers, contractors – just about anyone with some work to show off and the ability to say a few words about them.