Stand out from the rest with Nova WordPress theme

Sharp and cutting edge. These are the words that comes to mind when viewing the Nova theme. For an online presence that is determined to bring your visitors to awe, use this theme. Keep in mind that since this theme is very high detail, your content, product, copy and reputation for that matter – has to be high detailed as well. A bit on the minimal side, with strong focus on the smaller features – give Nova a spin for your website.

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As I’ve mentioned, the theme is consistent with small graphic design delights. Take the sidebar for instance. You will notice a faint gradient that covers the background. Just a slight variation from the main body of the page. This few degrees of gradation keeps the page simple, yet has a profound effect on the whole.


I especially like how the usual elements have been re engineered with this theme. Say the breadcrumbs is a good example. A ribbon-like effect with diagonal separators. Active links are bold, while the typography has more weight than the non active pages. Very nice effect.

Best for Businesses and Galleries

The same goes with photo thumbnails. You will see in the gallery section, each photo has a “frame like” border that seem to “pop out” of the page. Again, small details but big effect.


Keep in mind that aligning with other Elegant theme’s products are the shortcodes and widgets that are available for you to plugin. It’s the same set of functionality you can use – but built to match the current theme. A great feature is the image slider shortcode:


Very discreet action and control buttons. Faint borders, shadows and gradients. Gives the images a more powerful feel. All of these factors contribute to the overall significance of the beautifully designed Nova theme.


It is rare that you see such a nice package with strong contents. As I’ve mentioned in the opening paragraphs, since the theme is very high in details – you might need to reconsider the images you use, the copy you write. This theme will increase your site’s quality. It’s time you give Nova a try.