Scope – WordPress theme geared for Creative agencies

Scope is the perfect theme for the creative agency, freelancer or general business. Strong lines, strong colours and a bunch of super-awesome features to keep you busy. The theme supports custom backgrounds – which will let you apply a large image of your choice. Post formats – which means you can have video, audio, images and galleries. Plenty of features – try Scope today!

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Just when you think that a creative studio does good work – you see their website and it looks whacked. All solid reputation for that agency is lost. It is true that you don’t get a second first impression. This is especially true with websites. Look does really matter, especially for agencies – where aesthetics mean business.

Take a look at Scope and it’s details. First off, the portfolio section. This may become the most viewed page of your site (if you’re a creative agency). The key is in the small details. The typography, spacing and icons make it a sure fire way of making a client drool with awe.


The homepage alone is a grid like layout with a carousel that showcases your featured work. Keep in mind the company slogan stays put on the right side of the carousel. Directly below is a few of your latest work. Simple yet effective.


The ability of having a blog is a must in today’s company or freelance website. Your thoughts, news and processes can be logged in the blog section as sort of like a journal – which can add true value to your website. On top of that, search engines will be happy to index useful material.


Again, the smaller details matter. Buttons as shortcodes mean beauty meets functionality. With Scope, you’re able to add buttons by adding a short snippet of code in your content. These guys have thought of everything.


Go and try out Scope. I can see this WordPress theme being used by businesses in the creative, travel and clothing industry.