Run a “Pinterest” style blog with Hoarder theme for WordPress

Sometimes you just want a running list of all things interesting to you. May it be a collection of images, quotations, videos or even blog posts – Hoarder theme may be an exact fit. With a layout so simple, yet supports many formats. A look that is plain – yet classic. And a form that definitely meets function – Hoarder for WordPress is a guaranteed hit!

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A blog full of your favorite things. This is what this WordPress theme is ideal for. Throw in your quotes, videos, photo galleries and more – the theme will present it in a nice grid and “random” like fashion – hence a “Pinterest” style website.

Once in the inner pages – you will get a single post page – ready for your format. Meaning – if it was a video post, your video will be on top. If it was a quote – your quote will be enclosed in a nice container. If it was a photo gallery – your gallery will show. So on and so on…


Subtle shadows and textures make this theme very attractive. It also gives your website it’s own personal feel. Logo uploaders and further customization options are also built in so you can make your website – well, your own.

Looks good in all Devices

The comfort of knowing that your blog will render beautifully in all devices is nothing short of glorious. Hoarder is known as a “responsive” theme – which will adapt to different screen sizes gracefully. See below how awesome it looks in an iPad:


This theme is also built to work well with major web browsers – so you don’t have to deal with intricacies and issues with browsers such as Internet Explorer and such. The theme is just built to look the same across all platforms.

Built in Contact Form

We can be certain that you’d want to be contacted in one form or another. What way to do this but with a nicely formatted contact form. Hoarder WordPress theme is equipped with such a template – so you don’t have to worry about adding another plugin – which may not tie well with your beautiful theme.


Other templates are also included – such as an archive page, multiple homepage layouts and more. Other features such as widgets are also includes – so you can easily tie in your social networks and external services like Flickr, Youtube and Flickr.

Masonry Style

Finally, let’s get to the homepage. Like I’ve mentioned – the layout looks like a running list or a “grid-like” page – with your content spanning all the way to the bottom. The columns stay the same width – but the heights vary. This gives it that “randomized” feel – also known as “Masonry“.


At the bottom of the homepage you will get a button that loads more items to the list. This gives the user the freedom to just keep scrolling down through your content – without the need to paginate to another page and such. Quite a modern concept – similar to Pinterest itself don’t you think.

So take a look at the demo for Hoarder – see if you can power the next “Pinterest”.