A Personal, Journal-style Theme for WordPress – Memoir

A theme filled with the finer, elegant details. One which is packed with character and style. One that speaks to your readers in a personal level. Increase appreciation for your writing with this beautiful, simple and classy template – Memoir.

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Keep looking elsewhere if you’re the type that don’t appreciate elegance. Memoir was built for those who appreciate the real fine details of graphic design. It looks like a beautiful book. One with stitches, shadows, corners and etches. Why not enclose your content in such a good looking container.

A Simple, yet Elegant Look

I would like to go over just the smallest details about Memoir and I advise that you go take a look for yourself. I figured, one can only describe so much in words and screenshot. You need to see the whole experience.


The typography is well thought off. A type of serif, with varying sizes and color combination. Subtle shadows as well as excellent spacing between the elements. You will see a touch of custom shapes for the borders and of course the nice containers for the meta data.

Now imagine your content inside this casing.

Sidebar, Search, Background

Of course you won’t miss how the background imagery just takes you on a small journey. Keep in mind that this you can custom to your own photography. The widgets in the sidebar are all elegantly styled. With special attention to the sidebar background itself.


Notice the small shadow effect is also in play. All anchor links stand out well – makes you want to click them every time. Good calendar and search form treatment as well.

Page templates, Image Slider, Shortcodes etc.

And if you want more than just a journal, Memoir is equipped with even more features to fancy up your blog. Add a image gallery, a portfolio and different pre-built page templates. Check out below for a beautiful Image slider which you can embed in any of your pages:


You can add buttons, tabbed containers, slideshows in as simple as a couple of shortcodes. Shortcodes allow you to add a small snippet of text in your content and it automatically inserts an element that would normally take plenty of time to build.


One last thing, I’m sure you won’t miss that left navigation. Note the different treatment in design – it looks like a cloth like material with stitches in the sides. Fonts inside are again, really well designed. All you need is your custom logo and you’re all set.