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Subtle textures, beautiful typography and a modern responsive layout – that’s what Newspaper is about. Built to complement your content and images, Newspaper Wordpress theme screams quality web design. Included are features such as automatic slideshow, author bio section, ad placement, social links and a theme options page for faster customization.


Transform your WordPress blog into an awesome user experience with Newspaper Theme. The responsive layout alone guarantees your site to scale appropriately in different viewing mediums, angles and platforms.

newspaper1 Newspaper

Newspaper’s homepage consists of a featured article carousel with a large slider, along with thumbnails of your latest posts. The inner pages also automatically converts all of your attached images into a slideshow, optional author box and share links – just like a real online magazine.

newspaper3 Newspaper

A theme options panel lets your manage the header ads, add an image logo and customize the menu.

  • Puinu

    Hi, Why is that i cannot add widget to the theme? Here’s the site i’m working on


    • Michael Soriano

      I believe the widget areas are the left and right sidebars. Please try again.

  • Shava Nerad

    I am setting this theme up and so far I love it!

    One question — is there any way to get the banners to be either suppressed, or to get them to take something like Amazon Associate banner scripts within one of the fields? They don’t seem to want to take the frame content and I don’t really want to mung around inside the template, but I figured I’d ask…

    There are probably a lot of folks out there shilling for Amazon and other networks that serve frames of their own affiliate banners as code frames, not static banners as image and destination…?


    I can’t figure a way to split this up so it works right.

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  • Corey Gilding

    OK, so far I really like this theme, except for one problem that I can’t seem to solve: When resizing a browser window, or viewing the theme on a mobile device, the top menu does not switch to a dropdown like it does in the preview. It attempts to wrap it, then part of it breaks off, and it screws up the slideshow/carousel. Link to my site is I can provide further info if needed. I have tried deleting and reinstalling the theme. Can someone please help?


    • Michael Soriano

      can you change this line of code in header.php:

      active: ‘selected’


      active: ‘selected’

      • Corey Gilding

        Thanks for the response Michael, but this didn’t appear to make a difference. My current work-around is to reduce the number of elements on the top menu so that it doesn’t wrap around and “break” the carousel when the window is resized. But I would like to have more elements there in the future. I did compare the source code from the sample page,, to my own code, and I couldn’t see any difference, but I’m not much of a coder anymore.

      • Corey Gilding

        should I just consider this an issue with the theme that will not be further addressed?