Location based Posts with Explorable WordPress theme

Maps and review system – built on top of WordPress. This is a good combination if you want to start a blog. Explorable is complete with such abilities and more. Fun and exciting new layouts, responsive design as well as countless theme options.

Ideal for online journals or bloggers who wish to post about things in the map. And these days, this is important detail. Real Estate, Foodies, Travel blogs – you name it.

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Oh the possibilities that you can do with this theme. Location based content is very useful and informational. Keep in mind that most of the search that we do for our own use is local. We want stuff that’s around us. Ever wonder why Yelp, Foursquare and Uber is so popular? Yes, it’s because it’s location based. And this theme is capable of that.

Let’s get Local

Explorable WordPress theme gives you the ability to add coordinates for your posts (in this case – a place of interest). This becomes a powerful tool, because now it’s able to communicate with Google Maps.


Your users can see your post in a map, with beautiful markers as shown above. You also have the option of listing them down as a list. Which shows a nice thumbnail and a star rating system. Sort of like how you see it in Hotel, Travel and Real Estate sites.

Elegant Details

On top of it all, the Explorable theme comes with the same high quality graphics that all Elegant themes come with. Try looking at the photo gallery template and hover over an item. You will see a nice animated button effect – together with nice iconography.


The typography can be a bit much. Not a fan of the headings – but that can be easily change. The theme comes with options to change that easily in the admin panel. Very handy feature for any webmaster.

What I especially liked is the custom login form that it comes with. Now you can make it so that your site is entirely custom.


Again, the sidebar, color scheme and spacing is treated very well. This theme can go a long way – especially for travelers, real estate agents, hotel owners, food reviewers – the possibilities are endless. Give Explorable a try today.