A perfect combination of CMS and Magazine style WordPress Theme – Lucid

Ideal for the modern online magazine, this subtle but yet highly detailed Wordpress theme will sure provide your viewers a superior browsing experience. Built to guide attention to your fine content and beautiful imagery, Lucid Wordpress theme has proven to give your site that extraordinary look – not yet seen in many websites. Have some elegance and class – experience Lucid today.

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With its semi three dimensional containers, superior choice of font combinations and excellent color schema – one cannot fail to notice how beautiful this theme is. The navigation alone, when hovered has a nifty animation that is not at all obtrusive, but yet very effective. The large content slider is actually a collection of your feature posts, also with nice effects.


The fine details

As I’ve mentioned, the containers that house your posts, sliders, tabs and other elements – have that semi 3d look. Look closely and you’ll see that raised and etched pattern seen in the containers. The little widgets – such as the tabbed containers, categorized posts – and slideshow – are all but simply awesome.


Those little graphic elements, plus the choice of thin, faint typography – gives the page a clean, crisp and young look. Excellent use of white space – gives the elements room to breathe. Of course, post content styling is good as well. You won’t need to worry about your article formatting because it’s already styled for you. The discussion settings such as the form and comment list are all designed properly – matching the theme’s overall identity.


Inner pages, shortcodes, templates

The archive pages follow the themes clean style. The additional templates include portfolios, login, sitemap, plus plenty more. A sample screenshot of a thumbnail in the portfolio template will give you an idea of the level of detail that was given to this theme. Note that the user experience is excellent in Lucid. Hover through the thumbnails in the page templates and see the treatment the designers have given it.


You have the option of showing the item in a larger detail, or the article page itself. Note that video is supported in the lightbox as well. Again, you have the ability to scroll through the lightbox items so you don’t have to close the view iterate through the list.

Shortcodes allow you to add a snippet (usually a word) in your post content, and you automatically have a gorgeous web element in your post. Examples are forms, buttons, tables – even social media buttons.

Lastly, the tall footer allows for multiple widget areas. Again, we can see this theme being used for modern websites such as fashion blogs, jewelry websites, interior design blogs, etc.

In conclusion, Lucid theme is a definitely a different take on what websites of the future should look like. It is clean, sophisticated presence will leave your viewers in awe. A certain degree of professionalism is instantly achieved, plus a whole new level of interface design completes this beautiful WordPress theme.