Be that Online Magazine worth reading – Extra WordPress Theme

You got the nice imagery and the good story, what makes the magic sauce complete? The perfect WordPress theme. Extra is a magazine style theme that is screaming in exuberance. Animated menus, large slideshows, flat and primary colors, sharp edges – just a cheerful mix of web design goodness.

What is more surprising is that this WordPress theme is ready for an online store. You can house your products in the same style as the rest of your online content. Give Extra a spin today.

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So plenty of things going on here. I especially like the simplicity of the elements. Large open spaces – gives your content room plenty of room to breath. Notice the thumbnails, borders and containers are all flat – with no gradient or shadows whatsoever. Very flat, yet still has that feeling of depth. Very nicely done.


Notice the custom color handling on the different categories for each post. How tabs, sliders, progress bars, buttons – all seem to work visually together. Nothing overly done – just simple and spacious.

Nice Big Mega Navigation

Go ahead and hover on the header navigation. A fast swoosh of menu will appear – a bit too flashy for my taste, but I’m sure plenty of viewers will disagree. Mega menus are a good way to make browsing through content better. The more real estate you got – the more chances of content you can add.


For instance, you will see in the demo that they’ve used actual post thumbnails right on the navigation itself. This can be anything from your featured product, latest post or even just random imagery. Very clever.


As you click around, I’m sure you can’t miss the elegance of the single pages. How they’ve handled the comments area, the form fields as well as search.

Filled with Suprises

Consistent with other Elegant themes, shortcodes and plugins are out of the box. A surprise to me is a custom skinned audio player. This can come in very handy for people who publish podcasts or mixes. Very nifty widget that is beautiful and fun.


Again, very good theme to work with for a wide variety of sites. Especially ones who are heavy in content and publish often. I see many big magazine sites will copy the same format as many of the elements seen here in Extra WordPress theme.