Stylish blog plus a store – Abundance WordPress theme

Abundance is an elegant and flexible WordPress eCommerce Theme, suited for users with no coding knowledge as well as developers. The Theme is built on top of the fabulous woocommerce shop plugin It comes with a plethora of options so you can modify layout, styling, colors and fonts directly from within the backend. 5 Slideshows, 16 predefined skins and many more features!

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Imagine finding a product in Google that suits your needs. The result show that it’s available at some online retailer – once clicked, you are presented with a bad store design. Would you still buy the product? Doesn’t the user experience matter when earning your trust as a customer – even for online stores? It does in real brick and mortar stores right?

How about this e-commerce template for WordPress called Abundance. The homepage alone features a large transitioning slider that exemplifies featured products from your store. Specials, sales and promotional items can also be housed in this section.


The navigation is simple and well thought off. The subtle effects of the hovers and clicks – all contribute to the feeling that you can trust this store. If they’ve paid extra attention to these details – they will take the time to make sure your satisfaction is 100 percent.


A gallery template is useful when showing product imagery. Examples of how it could look when people use your products and such. Furthermore, a customer based gallery will ensure future clients that the site is indeed trusted by many happy people.


A large footer with recent activity feeds such as Twitter, blog and links to archive show that the site is well maintained. A well maintained site – is a well maintained store. A store that is constantly updated, will more likely have satisfied customers – than websites with no activity.


Finally, product details deliver the message to your customers. This is well handled in the Abundance theme. Rich thumbnails, good typography, easy to read layout – all determining factors of a good sale or not.

Make sure you see Abundance WordPress theme and power your new store with confidence.