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24 Creative Websites Running on SquareSpace

March 28, 2012 in General, Inspiration
There are many factors that determines the success of a CMS - creativity is one of them. Check out these websites that scream "I'm beautiful!". read more

Free Premium WordPress Theme for Business and CMS blogs – Eureka

August 15, 2011 in Eureka, Freebies
Eureka is a Free Wordpress Theme is a clean and professional design ideal for products and company websites. Best for turning Wordpress into a full CMS. Plenty of features including theme options, a content slider, plus many more. read more

Here are 7 Simple Strategies on Good Logo Design

May 31, 2011 in General, Inspiration
This article describes basic principles and guidelines on how to design an effective logo for your business. Sticking to these strategies will definitely increase your success against the many challenges of designing a good logo. read more

How to Add Lightbox to WordPress without a Plugin

April 28, 2011 in General
This article describes how to include an effect known as "lightbox" into your Wordpress themes. Lightbox effect is a very popular feature for images - and is a useful addition to your wordpress themes. read more

24 Fresh Motion Reels that will Spark your Creativity

April 4, 2011 in General, Inspiration
This article is looks at a set of film reels that will inspire your creativity. The series are short films in the art of stop motion cinematography. Feel free to look and comment. read more

31 Really Amazing Food Websites for your Design Inspiration

February 15, 2011 in General, Inspiration
This article lists some of the most amazing designs in the food industry. The websites vary from restaurants, caterers, food blogs, stores and wineries. read more

What Makes a Good Band Website?

August 20, 2010 in General, Inspiration
This article will explore the components of good web design for bands and musicians. We will look into their common characteristics, what looks good, as well as go through popular bands sites that are already out there. read more

20 Creative Websites Running Django:

November 21, 2009 in General, Inspiration
An article that showcases 20 of the world's most creative Django powered websites. Take a look a what they've done with the popular Django Application Framework. read more