Setup the Home Page Template

Most CMS style themes require you to apply a special home page template for the front page of your site. This is necessary because by default, WordPress would like to pull your latest posts and display it in the front page. A custom page template bypasses this behavior and turns your front page – into however you want. Hence, a CMS.

To do this, your theme has to have a page template specifically for the homepage. Some of our CMS themes which feature a slider, or a carousel in the home page – is most likely a custom page template.

To Apply a Home Page Template:

Login to the admin panel. Create a new page – name it “Home”. In the right hand side of the page – you should see a box called “Page Attributes”. *Note that if you do not see Page Attributes, look on top of the page for a tab called “Screen Options” and check the box for “Page Attributes”.

In the drop down box – select “Template Home” (can sometimes vary).

home template

Hit Publish. You can now view your new page called “Home”. But you probably want it to be the default page such as – instead of To do this, follow the additional steps below:

Setup your Reading Settings

Go to “Settings” > “Reading”. On top of the page – where it says “Front Page displays” – you want to select “A static page”. From the drop town list, select the page “Home”.

Click “Save Changes” and your front page will now show the new page we’ve just created.

Setup your Blog Page

But now you probably want to have a page called “Blog” – to show your most recent posts – right? Then repeat these steps all over – but this time, name the page “blog”. You don’t have to apply a page template – WordPress will pull the default page. Once published, go back to the reading settings and in the same section, under “Posts page” – select “blog” and hit Save Changes.

  • Kaplan

    Hi, I am trying to set a Home Page but in the Page Attributes, I cant see “Template Home” but just “Default Template” and “Contact form”. How can I ad “Template Home”?


    • only certain themes have a template home – which theme are you using.

  • trying to update the Rotary theme’s “Testimonials” and “Who We Are” at the footer… please help.

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  • C

    Carousel is not showing up in Rotary theme. I am able to make the roundabouts, but my home page doesn’t show a carousel, only the first post