Turn your Posts into a Photo Gallery

The Photographer theme supports 3 photo gallery layouts for your posts. This is different from the gallery WordPress has by default. The process is almost identical, but instead of “inserting” a gallery inside your posts – all you do is upload multiple photos – and that’s it. Continue reading for more information: Uploading Photos Start […]

July 1, 2012

Additional Theme Options for Rotary

The Rotary theme has a couple of additional options that you can configure via the theme admin. This is the “Testimonials” and “Who we are” section in the home page. Simply go to Appearance > Rotary Options, and you should see a couple of text area input fields that contain default latin text. Simply enter […]

June 24, 2012

3 Client Management Tools for Freelance Web Designers

So you’ve decided you want to be a freelance web designer. No matter if you’re just a college web design student trying to make some extra cash while in school or you’ve decided freelancing is the professional route you want to take for the long haul, freelancing can be a difficult gig. It takes a […]

June 16, 2012

Add Testimonials in the Home Page

Blue has a Testimonial section in the home page. You can add a static testimonial in this section by adding a few lines of HTML in the theme options section. Go to “Appearance” > “Blue Options”, and in the field “Testimonials” – enter the testimonial you want to appear. Note that to be properly formatted, […]

June 11, 2012

10 Twitter Feeds to Follow for Web Design

As a web designer and web programmer you need your information fast and preferably fewer than 140 characters. Whether you want to answer a difficult question or find the best design trend this list of 10 Twitter feeds can help you get there and get there quickly: @webdesign_news: Tweets often anything and everything news worthy […]

June 5, 2012

4 Tools to Help You Manage Comments on Your Blog

Comments make up an important part of your blog. They give readers a way to connect with you, your content and other readers by sharing their opinions or feedback about your posts. If your blog is successful, you will invite a lot of comments. Some may be negative, and some may even incite a heated […]

May 28, 2012

Edit Nightclub Theme Settings

Nightclub makes it easy for you to edit the theme without needing to touch the source code. Note that no additional configuration is necessary to have the homepage like the demo. All you need is a few settings and your all set. The slideshow uses the post thumbnail for the main image. If you see […]

May 28, 2012

Setting the Aparatus Theme Options

Aparatus is complete with theme options that allows you to customize the theme without the need to touch code. Note that your blog name is automatically converted into the site logo. Clean Cufon fonts, light shadows and subtle gradients in uppercase letters – just the right look for your header. All options are located in […]

May 24, 2012
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