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May 15, 2011 on Freebies

A magazine style theme that puts your content in a beautiful wrapper, complete with subtle page elements that is sure to add elegance to your pages. This theme is called Agency. Agency is compatible with the latest WordPress release, taking advantage of some its newer features. Let me explain:

UPDATE 5/16/2012 – I’ve updated Agency to version 3.0. Numerous bugs were addressed – added pause on slideshow. Added theme options for easy customization including changing the logo, twitter, facebook handles etc. More Information

agency overview Agency


  • A Custom Slideshow – sits in the home page, automatically switches through four images. These images are post thumbnails from posts assigned to a specific category. In other words, the slideshow pulls 4 posts from a category named “featured”. You can change the category by editing “feature.php” – look for the variable $myCat .
  • Two Widgetized Sidebars – Each sidebar has a width of 140 pixels – just enough to house small ad spots, text and general widgets .The sidebars also sit on the center of the page as you scroll down.
  • Custom Gallery Styles with Lightbox – The default WordPress gallery style is overridden to match the rest of the theme. Lightbox effect is also applied to all links leading to an image.
  • Built in Contact Form – no need to install a plugin for a simple contact form, its already in the theme. Simply apply the page template “Contact Form” into your page and configure

The theme also supports the WP 3.0 menu system, gravatars and threaded comments. The thumbnails for each posts, including the images in the slideshow are pulled from the post thumbnails.

How to Use:

Installing the theme is just like any other WordPress theme. Simply go to the “Appearance” > “Install Themes” section in your admin panel. Click the “Upload” link – browse to the theme .zip file and “Install Now“.

Adding Post Thumbnails to your Posts:

To add images to your posts you can use the Post Thumbnail feature of WordPress. Simply go to the post in “Edit” mode. On the right side of the page – click on “Set Featured Image“:

This will trigger the image uploader. Upload your image and as soon as that’s done, click the “Use as Featured Image” link:

Note that you should keep the file sizes to a smaller size. The resizing script has a maximum size limit.

How to Activate the Slideshow:

The slideshow in the homepage pulls 4 posts from a category called “featured” (If you want to pull from a different category – see below). Simply go to “Categories” and one called “featured” – add 4 posts under it.

Visit your homepage and you should now see the slideshow area populated with the posts you just assigned to “Featured”. Now if you don’t see an image – that means you haven’t assigned a Post Thumbnail – so read the section above called “Adding Post Thumbnails to your Posts“.

*If you want to change the slideshow to pull from another category instead of “featured”, go to “Appearance” > “Editor” and click “feature.php” from the right side. In the editor – change the word “featured” into your category slug that you want (see below). Save your changes.

How to insert a Photo Gallery:

Adding a photo gallery into agency is as easy as pie. Simply go to the post / page you want in “Edit” mode and click on the image uploader. Navigate to your local directory and highlight the images you want and click “Open”.

As soon as the images upload, click on “Save Changes” and additional settings will show. Select your options and click “Insert Gallery”.

Update your post / page and preview it. You should see your gallery in place. The lightbox effect should also automatically pick up. All images that are linked to another image will trigger the lightbox effect in the Agency theme.

How to Customize the Navigation Menu:

Agency supports the WP Menu System which let’s you customize the links any way you want. Go to “Appearance” > “Menus” and start by creating a new menu. Enter a menu name and click “Create“.

This will create a blank menu panel in the right side of the page. The idea is to select categories, pages or custom links from the left side, click the “Add to Menu” button – and it will appear on the menu panel in the right. In this panel, you can drag and drop the links so you can design the menu hierarchy. Links that are staggered underneath become the drop down links from the respective parent – you get the drift.

Once the menu is done – hit “Save Menu” and in the top most left column box called “Theme Locations“, select the menu you just created from the drop down called “Header Menu”. Click “Save” and view your website. You menu should now be in place.


Agency is ideal for high content blogs with multiple post categories. Some HTML and CSS knowledge is required to customize, as well as Photoshop for the graphic elements. Additional documentation can be found from these series of posts. You can download Agency from this link. Please don’t forget to leave your comments below.

  • Charlie

    How do I go about changing the default font size for the paragraph text in the posts on the home page?

  • Sašo

    When I (first time) click logout in comments I get an error (though it does the logout), if I go back and click second time it offers correct notification to logout. How can I repair this?

  • Дмитрий

    How to make a normal map images in a standard lightbox?
    they open up completely

  • Sal

    Purchased this theme and love it…EXCEPT for the green featured in the tagline and solid line at the top of the page. Can anyone help me how to change the colour of this green text and line? Thanks

  • Sal

    Can anyone show me how to change the green colour?

    • michael soriano

      in the theme images folder – there is file called “header-bg.gif” – this is the green border that you see in the header. you can edit this in photoshop to some other color.

  • Jack Nowa

    Hi , I am first time here and you guys do a great job , thanks for sharing this ,

  • Jack Nowa

    Dear Michael

    I been upload the agency therms ,,,but not work properly yet … any help for me please? I will ask you lots of think than,,,

    this is the warning I got
    Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/b4litour/public_html/wp-content/themes/agency/functions.php:267) in /home/b4litour/public_html/wp-includes/pluggable.php on line 866
    while posting or upload image thanks

    many thanks

  • Jack Nowa

    Oh yeah,,,how to get a contact form than,,,its said included but i could not see it,,


    • michael soriano

      the contact form is no longer included.

  • Jack Nowa

    Hi michael
    How are you ? how to make a slide show work as i tray to set up but could not work than, are there specific size of pic i have to upload

  • kaleem khan

    how can i download ? no link

    • Michael Soriano

      it should be in the conclusion paragraph

    • Charles Emmanuel


      Agency is ideal for high content blogs with multiple post categories.
      Some HTML and CSS knowledge is required to customize, as well as
      Photoshop for the graphic elements. Additional documentation can be
      found from these series of posts. You can download Agency from this (link). Please don’t forget to leave your comments below.

    • Michael Soriano

      In the conclusion paragraph, the word “link” is the download link. I have yet to add download buttons to the post. Stay tuned

  • Jed

    The lightbox is not working for my site …. any idea why?

    • Michael Soriano

      Hi Jed, you have an error in your page: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘top’ of undefined – which stops all scripts. Try removing the call for stickyfloat.js

  • Jed

    The light box is not working for me. I most likely did something but can’t figure out what. I

  • Tomas

    Hi, can you help me with excerpt? I want to add a text “read more” at the end of the excerpt.. how to do that?

    • Michael Soriano

      open index.php – look for the_excerpt(), then add html: a href the_permalink()

  • Jed

    Hi …. I added a gallery with thumbnails. I changed the size of the thumbnails but one of the thumbnails is still small. Any ideas?

    • Michael Soriano

      try adding the media again. I think it’s wp that is generating the small image incorrectly

  • Jed

    Hello Michael, all of the sudden on FireFox and Chrome my header links are almost ontop of my logo. Any idea what I am missing?

    • Michael Soriano

      it looks good on chrome. is it a different url?

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