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February 2, 2011 on Freebies, Maximum

Maximum WordPress theme spans the full width of the browser – something you don’t see very often. It also loads fast, due to the limited use of images. I feel the WordPress users might look for a theme that’s different, one that’s pretty and one that’s fast. Please check out the demo for Maximum:

The Holy Grail

So I thought it was easy to have three columns, with both sidebars static widths; while the center column is the only one that expands according to the browser. Boy I was wrong – I couldn’t figure it out for the life of me! And through some serious searching I finally discovered “the Holy Grail” – from A List Apart. The funny thing is – I’m probably one of the last ones to find this “sacred” code. Thanks to Matthew Levine’s article – I achieved my layout.

Breadcrumbs, Buttons and CSS3

I started to implement my own breadcrumb function – but discovered Dimox’s solution – was far more complete. I needed a breadcrumb navigation that doesn’t require a plugin and Dimox did the job very well. Zurb’s Super Awesome buttons are what’s styling all the buttons in Maximus. You should notice the resemblance for each button – with only the base color that is different from one another.

Lastly, I’ve adopted quite a few CSS3 techniques from all over the net. From box shadows, text shadows and overlays – all contribute to the visual effects of Maximum.


I hope you find good use for Maximum. I did enjoy experimenting and discovering new ways of doing things. I imagine this type of theme would suit the serious content writers (ones who need all the real estate they can get). It may also be used for ecommerce, or “wiki” types of layouts – who knows. If you do decide to use it, don’t forget to leave your url in the comments section below! Happy Blogging!

You can download Maximum theme files from this link, and find additional documentation from these series of posts.

  • Jesse Clark

    I see the featured slider under the settings and click the box in my page/post. What am I missing? How do I get it to show up?

    Thank you

  • Claude

    Hi, great template, i was desperatly searching for something with a full page width, cause i always had some bugs, and was glad to find yours !
    I rebuilt most of it to fit the design i wanted, you can see it here: . It’s not quite finished, but it works.
    The only problem i have is to find the menu html code, it automatically adds the pages in it, but i can’t add one manually ? where is it hidden please ? :D

    • michael soriano

      you got a beautiful site there. the menu supports wp menu – meaning you can add your own pages / links manually – read :

      • Claude

        Wow, thanks, I was afraid to break everything by using wp menus but it works great. Thank you for the template, the link, and for the reply !

  • Seohelponline

    Hey thats awesome ,i already did with these cool items ,i am satisfied with your design,however thanks.keep it up.

  • Ivan


    Please can you tell what i need to do that each post is in separate thumbnail ? not all posts in one big thumbnail.
    Which file i need to edit and what i need to type ?

    Thank you !!!

    • michael soriano

      use ‘featured image’ for each post.

      • Ivan

        Thank you ! :)

        Please can you tell me one more thing, I see that all posts are in one main-container , can you please tell me how can i modify and which file in theme that each post is in each container separately ?

        Thank you !!!!

      • michael soriano

        you’d have to shift things around in the html. that may be some work – look in index.php and see the divs that need to be moved around.

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  • ayip

    nice theme, thank’s for sharing, keep good work. once again, thank’s

  • I shop

    I use this theme, it is cool theme, i really like it very much.

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