Practical Challenges Presented by IFRS 9 Compliance

Issued in July 2014, IFRS 9 is an International Financial Reporting Standard (IFRS) published by the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB). This standard replaced IAS 39, also known as Financial Instruments: Recognition and Measurement. The shift from IAS 39 to IFRS 9 came about as a response to criticisms that the former is too complex and […]

January 22, 2021

Facing Foreclosure? Here Are Your 8 Options

Are you getting constant calls from your mortgage holder because you are behind on your payments? Even if they have filed the lis pendens you still have options. Banks aren’t in the house selling market, they’d rather have a performing asset than have to deal with trying to sell your house. This isn’t always the […]

January 4, 2021

Is Filing Bankruptcy Online Possible When Pursued by Debt Collectors?

You may be getting called by debt collectors such as TransWorld Systems from 8552457098 or Capital One from 8009556600 and wonder whether you can file bankruptcy online.  A significant number of bankruptcy courts in the United States have an online filing system. This online filing system gives room to bankruptcy petitions and documents to be submitted online. However, […]

November 25, 2020

4 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Insurance Claim

Photo Courtesy of When your home or property is damaged, it can feel like a huge disaster. With weather becoming more severe every year, it’s just a matter of time before you may have to make a claim. Just the thought of dealing with your insurance company can be stressful. No one looks forward […]

October 26, 2020

Ageras Assists Small Business During Time of Need

Tinder was created with the purpose to make dating easier and more accessible to individuals all over the world. With a simple swipe right or left, you could be matched with a person who the algorithm believed you would fit and who you found attractive based on the photos they shared. It is a fast […]

October 13, 2020

Which are the best Exchanges to Trade Bitcoin (BTC)

With an increasing number of people looking to invest in cryptocurrencies, there have never been so many options to choose from. Whether buying coins directly or investing in derivatives, such as Bitcoin CFDs, the market has seen a steady overall rise in volume and market capitalization. This guide will help you make the right choices […]

August 31, 2020

Should you file bankruptcy after retirement?

You may be entering retirement with debt and wondering whether you should consider filing for bankruptcy? You’re not alone. Retirement to most workers signifies a time of rest from their labor, but debt looming over your shoulder can create stress on that rest. This article covers focuses on tips to avoid bankruptcy, debt settlement, debt management, […]

August 27, 2020

Top 4 Debt Payoff Planners in 2020

The road to becoming debt-free is a hectic one. And with the difficulties you’ll experience along the way, it is essential that you have a couple of tools that can help you plan and make the process easier. One category of tools that have proven to be effective in managing debt is the budget and […]

August 3, 2020
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