Psychology Based Copywriting Tricks for Your Landing Page

Landing page success is attributed to many factors, most involving a psychological approach to the copy and design. As a seasoned web professional, I can tell you that without a bit of understanding of how the human mind works, you will have a hard time creating engaging copy. Here are some of the tricks that […]

December 6, 2015

6 Secrets to Writing Evergreen Content

Everyone is always looking for something timeless, a way to stay fresh in a world filled with obsolescence. They say that everything under the sun has a beginning and an end, yet we’re obsessed with the things that last. Humanity is entranced by immortality, because it’s perpetually out of reach. Benjamin Franklin famously exclaimed that […]

March 17, 2014

Writers Take Note: Principles of Design 101

Being a freelance writer for many years now, I have worked on my fair share of projects with all sorts of people. My role may have been to produce the content of the piece, but that was only one piece of the puzzle. There were also web designers, graphic designers, strategists and more, all with […]

July 29, 2012