How to Provide Optimal Service on the Web

If you want to connect with your audience, especially when it comes to web content, you have to give something back to them. Reward customers for time they invest. Smart, successful companies, have been doing this for a while. They give back to customers through exclusive deals and promotions, or by offering free eBooks, other content […]

January 30, 2017

Cliffhangers made Easy

Q: “How do you keep someone in suspense?” No, I haven’t started telling jokes, but I do have some tips on how to keep your readers on their toes. You see, just because you wrote a catchy headline and a witty introduction, it doesn’t mean your job is done. You need to hook readers, stimulate […]

December 7, 2016

6 Apps for Unlocking Creative Block

For many people, creative inspiration is more than an enjoyable luxury — it’s a way of life. When your bread and butter comes from your innovative ideas, you can’t afford an extended bout of creative block. Use these inspiring apps to give you the brainstorming boost you need to get your next great idea. Paper […]

November 22, 2016

How to Design the Best Seasonal Content and Make It Relevant

‘Tis the season! Whether it’s the winter months with Christmas around the corner or peak beach season during summertime, any good content strategy utilizes seasonal content as a way to increase readership. Now it’s time to take that seasonal content to the next level. A number of brands go all-out with the seasonal content. Surely […]

October 16, 2016

Here are some Tips on Re-Purposing Old but Good Content

Most of us have handled information or even read articles or even blogs which have proved to be too boring maybe because they seem out-of-date and irrelevant. Well, you do not have to worry any more since repurposing the content is all you need. Remodeling or repurposing of content simply involves modifying already existing content […]

August 26, 2016

Convert Your Words Into Money: 9 Copywriting Tips To Boost Your Conversions

There are thousands of ways you can increase your website conversion rates. But, the most efficient and inexpensive way to do that is through your content. Your words play an important role in interacting with your visitors throughout every part of the sales process. Even with a small tweaks to your web content, you can […]

July 30, 2016

The Emerging Trend of Voice Search and Its Effects in The Playing Field of SEO

Voice Search is emerging hastily and it is actively influencing the future of SEO. It is even seen to change the way SEO techniques were adopted in the mobile era. Whilst Google’s current mobile update fairly put focus on the significance of having mobile-optimized pages, it is also vitally essential for marketers to look at […]

May 17, 2016

What to Write in Your Autoresponder to Get More Traffic

Your autoresponder is that invaluable system in your email marketing platform that will allow you to send a series of pre-written messages to customers and subscribers over a set period of time. This system will save you a ton of time and energy. It can only serve you, though, if you know what to write. […]

April 27, 2016
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