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Scope – WordPress theme geared for Creative agencies

Scope is the perfect theme for the creative agency, freelancer or general business. Strong lines, strong colours and a bunch of super-awesome features to keep you busy. The theme supports custom backgrounds – which will let you apply a large image of your choice. Post formats – which means you can have video, audio, images and galleries. Plenty of features – try Scope today!

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Why You Should Market to College Students

August 21, 2016 in Business, General
The goal of any business is to grow and to provide goods and services while maximizing its profit margin. Of course, they need consumers to sell those goods and services ... read more

How to Build Your Business with Content Marketing and SEO

Websites on internet require acknowledgement of web community for their survival. And making your presence felt amongst an ever growing number of companies over internet is like sensing a drop ... read more

Getting To Know The Affordable Care Act For Designers

November 16, 2013 in Business
Essential information for freelancers on how to get health insurance that is affordable. Also known as the ACA, the Affordable Care Act now offers plenty of options for small to medium income designers services in healthcare. read more